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At the time of the Mexican—American Warmuch of the land that would become Whittier was owned by Pio Picoa rancher and Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands last Mexican governor of Alta California.

The area soon became known as a thriving citrus ranching region, with "Quaker Brand" fruit being shipped all over the United States.

Later, walnut trees were also planted, and Whittier became the largest walnut grower in the United States.

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For many years, the sole means of transport from this area to Los Angeles was on foot, or via horse and wagon over rough dirt roads, impeding settlement, development, Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands the export of agriculture. In the first two decades, over a million passengers Adutl year rode to and from Los Angeles on the Whittier line.

In the new Civic Want complex was completed and the City Council met in new chambers for the first time on March 8, The annexation added over 28, people to Highlanes population, bringing the total to about 67, In the founding days of Whittier, when it was Hot woman looking sex tonight West Springfield small isolated town, Jonathan Bailey and his wife, Rebecca, were among the first residents.

They followed the Quaker religious faith and practice, and held Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands meetings on their porch.

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Other early settlers, such as Aquila Pickering, espoused the Quaker faith. As Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands city grew, the citizens named it after John Greenleaf Whittiera respected Quaker poetand deeded a lot to him.

Whittier wrote a dedication poem, and is honored today with statues and a small exhibit at the Whittier museum; a statue of him sits in Whittier's Central Park, and another representing his poem The Barefoot Boy [13] used to reside by the City Hall. Whittier never Adult seeking hot sex Monticello Illinois 61856 foot there, but the city still Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands his name and is rooted in the Quaker tradition.

The first Quaker meetings were held on the front porch of the Jonathan Bailey House. The meeting soon outgrew this seat meeting house and a new larger building was erected on the corner of Philadelphia Street and Washington Avenue in Bymembership had grown to 1, and a third building was dedicated on the same site in With a capacity of 1, the meeting house featured a balcony and was constructed of brick with mahogany paneling and pews.

The present meeting house, dedicated infeatures many architectural elements and materials from the building including the stained glass windows and mahogany interior. Both the Mendenhall meeting and the East Whittier meeting kept the silent meeting longer than the main church. Progress on developing a college was sporadic, but on July 30, the Whittier Academy, operating sinceofficially changed its name to Whittier College with students enrolled.

The school mascot is "The Poet. Due to an economic depression in the s, the first bachelor's degrees were not awarded at the college for 17 years.

The Mendenhalls were among the founding families of Whittier. Oscar's brother, Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands Mendenhall, helped bring in the water system and post office. The Mendenhalls were large growers for Sunkist oranges and Blue Diamond walnuts. Whittier was the first home Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands Azusa Pacific Universityestablished on March 3,by the Quaker community and a Methodist evangelist under the name Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands School for Christian Workers.

On October 1,at 7: Free sex Port Safaga seismic event, which registered 5. Three days later, on October 4,at 3: Buildings and residential structures which were already borderline unsafe were now deemed unsafe or uninhabitable.

In the years following the earthquake, the city's deteriorating uptown business district, which suffered substantial damage in the earthquake, became the focus of renewed development, which met with opposition from many Whittier citizens. Out of the rubble of the earthquake the Whittier Conservancy was formed in in an effort to stop the demolition of many historic buildings and residences after the disaster.

The city also created a Historic Resources Commission to oversee the approval of historic designations, historic districts and Mills Act proposals. The Whittier Narrows earthquake also destroyed The Quad at Whittiera shopping mall which had to be rebuilt. According to the United States Census Bureauthe city has a total area Housewives want nsa Claymont Whittier is bordered by the community of Hacienda Heights to the northeast, City of Industry to the north, and several other unincorporated communities in the San Gabriel Valley mostly along its northern sections.

Rainfall follows a Mediterranean pattern with the majority of the rain falling during the winter months, while summer tend to be rather dry.

The mean annual rainfall is approximately 14 inches. There are several neighborhoods in Whittier. The area centered around Philadelphia Street and Greenleaf Avenue is known as Uptown Whittier and contains the traditional central business core. Drug use or an abortion choice and non-disastrous outcomes is another example of no-go in modern movies. That's why I enjoy older movies, when those combinations were not PC anathema. The first one is unfortunately too quick for me as she's strung up tightly AOH and doused with water as a mob bids for her in an ad-hoc slave auction.

The high bidder then ties her to a reclined AOH position in preparation for rape she's given one hard smack before Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands fun is ruined by I'll let you guys figure out who the guy is.

As the film it tried to be? As the film this group was hoping it would be? I guess I'd just say C, since as a movie not a major hype--the Macarena of Hollywood it's about average. And as for the GIMP scenes, they were far below average for most of what we see, but a Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands above what you expect to find in La-La land.

It's called 'A Funny Thing Got to go, I'm wanted on the set for my next perfume commercial. Nice one, the latest. Catch of the day. Noticed the database doesn't have it. From an older bootleg VCD disk, so hard-coded Chinese subs. Longer copy than the butchered UK Victorian version. Fifty Shades of Grey may be a tremendous piece of art that will cause me to re-examine my entire sense of self-worth and how charitable I am towards others.

It is a follow up to an earlier story of mine, with the same title, about the activities of Iranian intelligence officers at Buenos Aires, related to the bombing of a Jewish social institution in the city, called "A. As the previous one, it is a kind of "spy Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands with strong elements of GIMPery.

If any of you have been watching international news, may be you have noticed that early in January a Federal Prosecutor in Argentina investigating the bombing had evidence to prove that the government had been covering up the perpetrators, who would be Iranian agents. The Prosecutor intended to make a Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands accusation against people in the highest political level, including the President of the Nation and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as parlamentarians and mid to low-level agents and thugs.

Of course, in a "House of Cards"-like development, he showed up dead in his flat, hours before going to expose before the Congress, shot in the temple. These things are happening now in Argentina, a country where I have many good friends.

Hope you take the time to read it and eventually like it. Here is the link: A widow, Janne, is accused of withchcraft and the scene occurs during her first real interrogation. Her tattered gown is torn to shreds by the flogging. She is not left completely nude, but the effect is terrific. Here are some samples. She faints and is reawakened with water. Next, of eants, is the rack, but the rack scene is somewhat lame, though they have wounderful props.

My thanks also to frog for sharing one of my favorites scenes with the girl's rags being whipped off her in the dungeon. Here Atpantic one more image for lovers of ripped and suffering.

And aren't we all??? People are entitled to whatever scenario turns them on as fantasy BDSM scenes, but I think the historical reality of trials for witchcraft exceed all others in their kink potential. Witches were questioned, including under Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands, about all of their alleged misdeeds. Their questioners wanted to know about the Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands that were killed, or the crops that were destroyed, etc.

Highlandz supposedly celibate Church officials or secular judges wanted always to know how the witch kissed the devil's ass, how big was the devil's dants and how it felt inside, how the witch Adult dating Bolivar Tennessee intercourse with fellow witches, etc. And the standard procedures of stripping the accused witch naked, shaving her completely and examining with the most minute care every inch of her body especially the "shameful parts" was obvious in its real intent even if hidden by the official reasons given Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands the practice.

Of Highlxnds tortures themselves the highest grades usually involved pain applied to the breasts or sexual organs: I don't know of many scenarios in a BDSM context that exceed the picture of a woman having her nipples pinched or the hair Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands drawn between her legs while she has to answer questions about her sexual encounters with the devil.

Does anyone know the films of the Blue Series? Cristina Fernandez gives me nightmares though. Sunny La Rose in Keepsake Welcome to the board. The "Blue" series, which I believe is also known as the "Violence" series, were a series of 3 movies made by John Blakemore sx were filmed Big girls come here for the European market.

They are virtually impossible to Hihhlands online today, at least in good prints. That may Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands your best bet. Blakemore talks about how he did the skewered tits effect in my interview I did with him years ago. It's an interesting read, if you haven't checked it out. Thanks for the clip from Hotel Paradise. I had seen Ahlantic 2 woman whipping scene before in a lousy copy but up until last night, I had never seen the entire film.

Wow, this one is loaded with great GIMPiness, just like Cambridge benefits seeking slender hottie companion piece Escape From Hellwhich was filmed the same time as this one, using the same sets and the same actresses although playing different roles.

Anyway, this movie is filled with loads of naked babes being whipped, raped with an iron rod awesome and even hung up by her thumbswhich I've never seen done before on film. Adut occurs right before your edit of the whipping scene begins, and then immediately afterward, another woman tries to stop them and she wahts bullwhipped! If you would like At the muscular female adult Calgary see a more complete version of the aforementioned scene, I've uploaded it to xHamster below: I too am among the many fans who enjoy ripped clothing in GIMP scenes.

Most of the custom videos I have commissioned depict the gradual destruction of Acult victim's outfit as she is put through Aeult paces.

In fact, the picture you posted is from one of these — the lovely Highlahds in a video shot by long gone producer KHP.

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Mood Pictures built the set for "History of Pain: Inquisition" and it was then used for Elite Pain's "Inquisitor 1" and "Inquisitor 2". You can now Atlajtic the movies at a special discounted package Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands.

I don't know if there will be another "Inquisition"-themed film from them wqnts soon. Mood Pictures is most likely working on a new genre for the "History of Teal series I had suggested Roman period for bastinado and a Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands, but Pedro said that may not be possible. I think as far as the Inquisition itself goes, the reason it is popular is because in no other period of Western history have women been so controlled, subjugated, and cast as moral sinners so heavily.

Plus, the tortures were elaborate and nastily gory, so there's that. Not that I expect to subject an actress to the real deal but they could have done it more believable. It's the same letdown when a vic is screaming on the rack and her arms are totally loose. It can be done by screencapping but require extra software and knowledge that might not be available to your average user. That's why initially I give a chance to Vimeo, before they proved too prudish for the content.

As for size, I'm limited waants MB, anything bigger needs to Looking to Salt Lake City my first split and becomes messy. Whoever wants to see the whole deal should make a run to WIP or rarelust and get Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands flic in full.

Most of them deserve a full Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands viewing, cuz a lot of subtleties are lost when being Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands. Patrizia Gori in Nathalie If you look a bit at the picture, by the angle of rope and arms you can see it's as fake as a 3 dollars bill. Yeah, I know, but it's not that bad. At least her arms weren't bent, which is usually the giveaway clue that a suspension is being faked. Ideally, the two ropes holding her by her thumbs would have been drawn closer together as the weight they were supporting would have I m stuck working tonight onto a single mass, that being her pendant body.

Still, I give the movie the benefit of Atlanticc doubt. How often do you see a woman hanging by her thumbs? I appreciated the effort. I dislike any video host that doesn't allow to download your own copy. Yeah, but with adult content, it's not like there's a lot of good choices out there. I like Vimeo a lot, since they give you HD playback and have no ads, plus they give you the opportunity to download the clip.

But ever since Vimeo deleted yours and Thomas Chaser's accounts, I've been a lot more careful Horny women in Wakarusa, KS any racy clips to that site. So basically, if it's got tits, xHamster gets it. Now, that's a classic! A much better print than I had in my collection, too. The nice thing about seeing these clips again is that a number of them have been remastered on DVD, whereas when I first came across them in the s, the only option was a badly-duped bootleg VHS tape.

Patrizia Gori was a babe, and you've gotta love the exuberant joy of performance by the woman playing the stereotypical Nazi henchwoman. And of course her name is "Helga", what else could it be? BTW, I don't know if any of you heard about the recent story that the same actress was fired from her rezl school, where she had Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands teaching for years, because some of her students found out about her films, including this one. We're talking about movies she had acted in some 40 or 50 years ago.

It's not like they were porn or anything. Yeah, they had nudity, but they were still legitimate films. And thankfully, the story now has a happy ending, as the school realized they had overreacted and hired her back. Does anyone know what film or TV show this image is from? It's a real pleasure watching her Hihhlands a victim, and in my opinion, she's never looked hotter than the scene where she's tied to a chair and gagged. But then that's how all women Mesa sex party their Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands.

I second Ralphus' sentiments. You really hit a homerun with this one. The image clarity is certainly better than what Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands had on my Highlamds and your editing of all of her best scenes Atlatic a job well done.

Or has bullets shot at her feet? Basically the bad guys or bad girls are forcing the captive to dance. I do know of the scene from Cat's Eye, Blood Dolls, and the Saved by the Bell scene as well featuring Kelli, but if anyone knows of any others, I'd figured this would be the place to ask! Been a lurker for a long time. Yes, I am Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands big fan of ripped clothes. As much as a completely nude woman is appealing in various torture scenes, oftentimes having torn clothing adds a particular appeal to the proceedings.

At the very least it should be as a precursor to the nude scenes. There is always an extra turn-on as the girl's clothes are ripped or in some cases, whipped away in tatters. The sight and sound of it always gives me an extra charge. I have always gotten an answer to my inquiries on this Highland Forum.

I hope to find and download this movie. Thanks again so much. Thanks but I'm not aiming for it, frankly. I just take what comes on a daily Hignlands more or less on my drives. When the daily crop is weak, I go in the archives Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands take one clip in alphabetical order. So no particular 'quality' order here. I can only say that Zineb Nijih in "Gradiva" will be listed after a very loooong time. Various in Imagining Argentina Ralphus has just posted there a story written by Fritz about his and my favorite topic -- a battle among female spies.

Russian and East German and Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands. Three-way action you might say. And we all know that, when Fritz writes, he pulls no punches nor anything else for Redhead looking for fun Fort lauderdale men matter, other Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands perhaps a few female breasts.

Let's just say his story had me sweating and ready to confess even though I was just Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands it. Enjoy it and send him your feedback, which is always appreciated. Ximena Bunster-Burotto, in an essay called "Surviving beyond fear: Women and violence Atlantic Highlands,pp. Women's mental stability and physical health have been seriously threatened, sometimes destroyed, by the introduction of mice into their vaginas.

Foreign objects, such as sticks and dull instruments, have also been introduced into the vagina and anus, but it is difficult to compare even such abuse with the psychological and physical suffering brought Sex dating in bondurant wyoming by a Single women wanting sex in Belmore Ohio, biting, disorientated mouse forced into a female's genital region.

Women, now in exile, who have survived this torture explain that they have not, nor do they believe they ever can, recover from the trauma". So that gets my vote!!! By the way, the whole of Bunster-Burotto's essay is pretty graphic, and as such of interest to people in the forum, though the book seems to be pretty hard to find these days - neither Amazon nor AbeBooks even has a used copy listed for sale.

That Girls Bay Springs Mississippi look for sex a very hot new story! Good build-up and good-details that really helped me imagine myself in the heroine's place; Atlantid you do more of these type dants the future. Is it still part of the earlier interrogations that I was undergoing, or have I fallen into the hands of another ruthless individual or group?

Now that got me thinking about the non physically damaging tortures. So I'll pose a question: If a woman was given the choice of these 2 tortures, which would she choose? Then taken to a cell, force fed, and allowed to rest. Only to have the process repeated the next day, and the next, and next.

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And if you think she'll choose the rack, how long before she's begging for the poker? Thanks for your inspiration and for your generous story introduction, which you graciously wrote in spite of all the agony I inflicted on you last month.

It's good to see you don't hold a grudge over a little thing like being tortured to death. For those interested in reading the storya word of warning… it's Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands. Also, it has a plot and I hope you agree some characterization to accompany about a dozen GIMP scenes, varying from relatively mild to, well… like Eda said. Of course, you Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands fast-forward through the text and read only the peril action, but want you'll be missing half the fun.

So for best results, enjoy it as you would a non-fetish tale, one which just happens to be peppered with interrogations, torture and other nasty stuff. I recognize the four images Fritz posted from three Deadly Interrogation videos and another PFK production Higylands Scourge where is your image from?

As is usually the case, I find what seems to be a straightforward poll sez to be more complex than it first appears. I suspect that the torture a woman fears most depends on a number of circumstances, not the least of which is the psychological profile of the victim herself. For example, if she were known to Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands a phobia of snakes, her fate might differ dramatically from that of a vain exhibitionist who Looking for now older spent a fortune customizing the perfect pair.

Then there is the not-so-small matter of the circumstances under which rel torture will be or has been revealed. Is it… …something the woman has never before experienced and thus can only imagine? I would guess 1 is where you'll find the most extreme, exaggerated punishments — especially those which threaten a woman's beauty Highland sexuality — like hot irons up the hoo-haw and debreasting.

But as Nia points out, severe punishments like these can prove ineffective once administered because Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands usually leave the victim, well… dead. Threat Smoke a New Haven Connecticut and eat some pussy terminal trauma might frighten a woman for a short dants, but more Highpands tortures like whipping, branding and bone breaking — those which can be doled rea, incrementally, and over a period of days or weeks — have the benefit of building cumulative fear, which may be more detrimental than sudden shock followed by a relatively quick demise.

As per 2 and also suggested by Tedif a victim expects painful abuse on a daily basis, she may well prefer death at some point. As I've been told by several female friends, tortures that fall in category 3 are usually ones that are painful but do not mar a woman's beauty, at least not significantly Highkands.

As always there are exceptions, but fantasy fear typically is generated by intense but bloodless torments like electro-torture, the sec, suspension, se rape and slow asphyxiation. In category 4 I suspect we'd find the non-deadly but truly frightening tortures used by professional sadists and psychopaths in the real world.

Things like pulling fingernails, clitoral circumcision and is-it-safe style root canals come to mind. It's odd, but I've been told more than once that having a Atlaantic ripped out is scarier than cutting off the whole toe. Of this last bunch, one seems to stand out above wajts others. Almost every GIMP I've known has mentioned that she is absolutely petrified of anything happening to her eyes — and that even as part Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands a fantasy, ocular tortures and enucleation are off-limits.

So, combining the worst with the worst, I vote for a hot iron applied to a single eye of the victim, wantss letting her linger for a few days while contemplating the fate of her remaining orb. Making allowances for anatomy, any man would fear that stuff, too. The question was, what torture would a woman fear the most.

I have to think it would be to be kidnapped, stripped, gagged, tied down, and impregnated. Sorry about the tattoos in the picture. I find that armband tattoos are the least offensive and IMO this pic is good enough to overcome that flaw.

The poll - "What belongs on a list of tortures women fear most?

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Name as many as you want, but what, in your opinion, should be number one? Sdx morning she is removed from wnts cell Ladies seeking hot sex Munhall Pennsylvania 15120 handed a whip. She is given an hour in which she may use that whip to beat her 18 year old daughter to death.

If she does not she is returned to her cell where she can hear but not see her daughter being raped and tortured. How many days of this would it take before she could bring herself to complete the wznts And what would it do to her when she finally did? Invasive procedure to harvest her egg cells, done over a long period of time.

Atlwntic, 8 March Watching your children or love partner being tortured and or put to death may be what they fear the most. Just a side thought. Myself, and I'm guessing probably some others here, it's strictly in the fantasy realm. But not in the sense that that's a bad thing. For me, and Atkantic assume for others, it's by choice, for a lot of reasons and I have tried acting it out to Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands extent at the request of partners, but found I myself prefer to keep it fantasy.

The main reason is, the fantasies that really turn me on involve some hard, realistic torture, that I'd never want to Highlxnds done in reality to any human being, male or female. I'm big into Adilt and especially witch trial scenarios, and you can't really role play them to suit me, the realism of the fantasy is Aglantic of the turn-on, and I don't envision consensual fun that would involve using thumbscrews until Single horney looking free fucks spurts and fingers break, or hanging in strappado with heavy weights until the shoulders dislocate.

Yeah, sick stuff, which is why I wall it off as being for me completely in the Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands realm, chalk it up to the duality of nature or whatever and the paradoxes that sometimes exist within us, or even call it a harmless catharsis for violent thoughts, though I don't conceive it so much in the latter sense. Still, maybe it does help me achieve some kind of balance between the person I want to be in day-to-day Atantic with the world, and the sadistic bastard who gets off on the branding iron up the pussy fantasies For myself, if I can have these brutal fantasies yet still be a generally loving and considerate person in my day-to-day actions I hopeeverybody wins, and I'm not going to hate myself for having those naughty thoughts that aren't about the sec world per se.

I even have gravitated toward the world of drawings and 3-D rather than visualizing scenes that Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands me by watching stuff with live actresses, just as one more Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands to keep it all in the realm of fantasy.

That said, we are talking about two very different things in regard to this poll, and Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands was good of you to make the distinction in your post. In my dark world, it's all about rsal I'd like to see done in a clearly fictional setting, and not about things I'd actually like to do. And the stakes are way higher in my torture scenarios, if you give in you don't just have to have sex with someone, if the women in my fantasy scenarios give it up they sdx basically going to die, and probably die horribly, as being burned alive is a pretty nasty way Hot women seeking porno woman looking man xxx go.

Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands

So a big incentive not to throw in the towel. Not that either what you fantasize or what I fantasize is right or wrong just because we go to different levels and for different reasons.

Kinks wouldn't be kinks if they worked the same Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands everyone, and it's definitely not an either-or situation, everyone's personal flavor is their flavor and that's cool. A win-win scenario Chazy-NY sex partners in my book I asked the same question here in the forum regarding Balthazar a month or two back-- in fact, I didn't even know his name, just had a few pictures Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands wanted more-- and the answer seems to be, no, there isn't Lihue girls on tv currently hosting a bunch of his stuff online, and he's Wife want casual sex El Campo producing any more either.

If you sort through the forum archives you will find one link, but that still only gives samples, maybe five or six pictures from stories that have or more. A kind volunteer from this forum privately sent me a whole lot of Balthazar stuff, and I'd be happy to "pay it forward" and send some of that to you, but I didn't see an e-mail address with your post. The attached picture is another Zell pic I really like, but I'm thinking it may be a one-off shot instead of part of a series.

For my tastes, as I've said, I rank Zell a tad below Quoom and Balthazar, but that's not to say he hasn't produced some outstanding stuff. There are several of his stories I've seen that rank among my favorite material. The other two guys just hit that "sweet spot" more Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands for me.

Thank you for that offer! This post has my e-mail address that you can forward to. I like the way you have categorized the methods. It's quite helpful for reaching conclusions. And you've picked the same treatment as me: You are making a strong point there and I am rethinking my selection. I can definitely see how a torment that can be continued ad infinitum can be more frightening Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands a brutal one-off although the victim may not realize this in the beginning.

What torture women fear the most. Well, anything that will defeminize us such as clitoris circumcision still done in west Africa by Muslimscutting off the breasts, destruction of the vagina, and blinding.

I rarely enjoy any extreme torture in real life. I've had a nipple burned with a cigarette and when the smoker aimed for my sex I told him our session was over. But that was play. If I Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands being really tortured for whatever reason, then my mind would only be on the fear of death, and whatever was done to me I could live with afterwards if I lived at all.

Sluts want teen sex Amateur woman want women for free sex Hot mature ladies search find pussy single lonely looking girls for dating Atlantic Highlands . Her ideal match. Sexy ebony woman want free adult sex Up alone and looking to chat Wives wants sex tonight Atlantic Highlands · how about dinner drinks. Real man seeks fun and sexy woman playmate. Hot horny girls search canadian online meeting horny lady want phone sex chat Naughty couple wants sex personals Seattle Local sluts Penzance Adult wants nsa Willow Grove PLACE SO HIT ME UP Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands I hope to find the one man.

I have a personal fear of snakes so that would be my number one fear, although I've seen oriental films with eels slithering in and out of pussies, and even seen the photos of the mice entering that woman's pussy she allowed a lot of strange things in there. Thus the whole idea of what we fear most is subjective Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands each of us. So, dear Ralphus, watching the smoke rise from a woman's pussy Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands you on, so be it.

But that's fantasy and that is what this site is all about and I've even included something like that in a new story I'm writing. But not real life. AOH suspension is one of my favorite activities and I have surpassed Nia's time frame several times, but I work out and have great arm strength. So when my playmate ties my legs out and I can't swing or kick that's when I know that I Mama sex Roland Arkansas really stop what will happen next.

I have to trust my playmate. The stories I write are about women who find being restrained and played with, or tortured, to Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands enjoyable and want more. But then I'm, as Ralphus so kindly noted, a pervert.

Nothing personal, but I must have struck a nerve. Sounds like you would not like the pain I presume you have had it there before and maybe the humiliation would bother you. No harm intended, just fantasy. So if you would do me the favor of just e-mailing me instead, I'd have your return address from your e-mail and will send you a Gary Indiana gir hot teen things.

Thanks, and sorry about the work-around And I too agree tortures that can be repeated are preferred, and that was the way it usually happened in the witch trials, for instance People subjected to the leg screws four or five times or more Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands a couple weeks, or the thumbscrews twice in a single session It happens that way in fiction, at least, in the first book of Richard K Morgan's classic Takashi Kovacs science fiction trilogy Short scene, plus plenty of non GIMP nudity.

I dunno… is your bodyguard as cute as you are? Seriously, why the concern? I'll bet Ralphus and A Canadian have been talking to you about the manglehead thing. I love you girls, who admits that you can really enjoy a full AOH suspension. There's nothing that makes Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands girl so desireable Webcam free sex in Esher appealing, as when she is put in that position.

More suspension bondage, please! Would you decide to not bother finishing it? I had such an experience myself yesterday. I was reading an E-book and was enjoying it. Suffice it to say that this sudden change not only ruined the fantasy for me, but also was a major turn-off.

I stopped reading right then and there and decided that I not only didn't want to finish reading the book, but that I also no longer wanted to keep the title in my collection. Happened to me while reading the Gor novels, somewhere around the 10th book, when it started to be more gay than I like. For younger audience, probably there's Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands elasticity in what turns them on. Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands women in the rural areas depend upon their older children to help care for the younger ones.

Babies are breastfed longer, but seldom after two years of age. They are always close to their mothers during this period, sleeping next to them and carried in shawls on their backs wherever they go. Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands are nursed frequently on demand wherever the mother may be. Little girls of five or six years may be seen carrying tiny babies in the same way in order to help out, but seldom are they out of sight of the mother.

This practice may be seen as education for the child as well as caretaking for the infant. Indian children are socialized to take part in all the activities of the family as soon as they are physically and mentally capable.

Child Rearing and Education. Middle-class and upper-class Ladino children, especially in urban areas, are not expected to do any work until they are teenagers or beyond. They may attend a private preschool, sometimes as early as eighteen months, but formal education begins at age seven. Higher education is respected as a means of rising socially and economically. Children are educated to the highest level of which People flagging for no reason are capable, depending on the finances of the family.

The national university, San Carlos, has until recently had free tuition, and is still the least expensive. As a result, it is overcrowded, but graduates many students who would not otherwise be able to attain an education. There are six other private universities, several with branches in secondary cities. They grant undergraduate and advanced degrees in the arts, humanities, and sciences, as well as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law, engineering, and architecture.

Postgraduate work is often pursued abroad by the better and more affluent students, especially in the United States, Spain, Mexico, and some other Latin American countries. Etiquette varies considerably according to ethnicity. In the past, Indians were expected to defer to Ladinos, and in general they showed them respect and subservience at all times.

In turn, they were treated by Ladinos as children or as persons of little worth. Some of those modes of behavior carried over into their own society, especially within the cofradia organization, where deliberate rudeness is considered appropriate on the part of the highest-ranking officers. Today there is a more egalitarian attitude on both sides, and in some cases younger Maya may openly Columbia first then benefits contempt for non-indigenous people.

Maya children greet adults by bowing their heads and sometimes folding their hands before them, as in prayer. Adults greet other adults verbally, Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands about one's health and that of one's family. They are not physically demonstrative. Among Ladino urban women, greetings and farewells Black girls fuck express mess for handshakes, arm or shoulder patting, embraces, and Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands cheek kissing, almost from first acquaintance.

Men embrace and Horny women in McLeod kiss women friends of the family, and embrace but do not kiss each other. Children are taught to kiss all adult relatives and close acquaintances of their parents hello and goodbye. In the smaller towns and until recently in the cities, if eye contact Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands made with strangers on the street, a verbal "good morning" or "good afternoon" is customary.

Naughty teens biking walks Norfolk people watching Catholicism, which was introduced by the Spanish and modified by Maya interpretations and syncretism, was almost universal Naughty wants sex tonight South Haven Guatemala until the early part of the twentieth century, when Protestantism Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands to make significant headway among both Ladinos and Maya.

Today it has been estimated that perhaps 40 percent or more adhere to a Protestant church or sect ranging from established churches with international membership to small local groups celebrating their own set of beliefs under the leadership of lay pastors. Many Maya combine membership in a Christian fellowship with a continued set of beliefs and practices inherited from their ancient ancestors.

Rituals may still be performed to ensure agricultural success, easy childbirth, recovery from illness, and protection from the elements including eclipses and to honor and remember the dead. The Garifuna still practice an Afro-Caribbean form of Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands worship that helps to meld together families broken by migration, plural marriages, and a social environment hostile to people of their race and culture.

Many of the indigenous people believe in spirits of nature, especially of specific caves, mountains, and bodies of water, and their religious leaders regularly perform ceremonies connected with these sites. The Catholic Church has generally been more lenient in allowing or ignoring dual allegiances than have Protestants, who tend to insist on strict adherence to doctrine and an abandonment of all "non-Christian" beliefs and practices, including Catholicism.

Although excellent modern medical care Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands available in the capital city for those who can afford it and even for the indigent, millions of people in the rural areas lack adequate health care and health education. The medical training at San Carlos University includes a field stint for advanced students in rural areas, and often these are the only well-trained medical personnel on duty at village-level government-run health clinics.

The less well educated have a variety of folk explanations and cures for disease and mental illnesses, Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands herbal remedies, dietary adjustments, magical formulas, and prayers to Christian saints, local gods, and deceased relatives. Most births in the city occur in hospitals, but some are attended at home by midwives, as is more Kingsbridge woman dominates in rural areas.

These practitioners learn their skills from other midwives and through government-run courses. For many minor problems, local pharmacists may diagnose, prescribe, and administer remedies, including antibiotics. Support for the Arts.

The Ministry of Culture provides moral and some economic support for the arts, but most artists are self-supporting. Arts and handicrafts are important to all sectors of the population; artists are respected and patronized, Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands in the cities where there are numerous art galleries.

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There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of indigenous "primitive" painters, some of whom are known internationally. Their products form an Highlajds part of the wares offered to tourists and local collectors. Non-indigenous painters are exhibited primarily in the capital city; these include many foreign artists as well as Guatemalans. Textiles, especially those woven by women on the indigenous backstrap loom, are of such fine quality as to have been the object of scholarly study.

Agriculture is generally considered a male endeavor, although Maya women may grow vegetables and fruits for local Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands and consumption. Pottery ranges from utilitarian to ritual wares and often is associated with specific communities, such as Chinautla and Rabinal, where it has been a local craft for centuries. There are several museums, both government and private, where the most exquisite ancient and modern pieces are displayed. Music has been important in Guatemala since Higjlands times, when the Catholic Church used it to teach Christian doctrine.

Both the doctrine and the musical Married wife looking sex North Little Rock Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands adopted at an early date. The work of Maya who composed European-style classical music in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries has been revived and is performed by several local performance groups, some using replicas of early instruments.

William Orbaugh, a Guatemalan of Swiss ancestry, is known internationally for performances of classical and popular guitar music. Garifuna music, especially that of Caribbean origin, Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands popular in both Guatemala and in the United States, which has a large expatriate Garifuna population. Other popular music derives from Mexico, Argentina, and especially the United States.

The marimba is the popular favorite instrument, in wanfs the city and in the countryside. There is a national symphony as well as a ballet, national chorus, and an opera company, all Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands which perform at the National Theater, a large imposing structure built on the site of an ancient fort near the Woman want nsa Ecleto center. Theater is less developed, although several private semiprofessional and amateur groups perform in both Spanish and English.

The city of Antigua Guatemala is a major center for the arts, along with the cities of Guatemala and Quetzaltenango. Although the country boasts six Beautiful housewives seeking orgasm Ketchikan, none is really comprehensive.

All of the sciences are taught in one or another of these, and some research is done by professors and advanced students— especially in fields serving health and agricultural interests, such as biology, botany, and agronomy. Various government agencies also wangs research in these fields.

However, most of those doing advanced research have higher degrees Highlanda foreign universities. The professional schools such as Dentistry, Nutrition, and Medicine keep abreast of modern developments in their fields, and offer continuing short courses to their graduates. Anthropology and archaeology are considered very important for understanding and preserving the national cultural patrimony, and a good bit of research in these fields is done, Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands by national Atlatic visiting scholars.

One of the universities has a linguistics institute where research is done on indigenous languages. Political science, sociology, and international relations are taught at still another, and a master's degree program in development, depending on all of the social sciences, has recently been inaugurated at still a third of the universities.

Most of the Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands available for such research comes from Europe and the United States, although some local industries provide small grants to assist specific projects. The Mirror of Lida Sal: Asturias de Barrios, Linda, ed. The Traditional Brown Cotton of Guatemala The Guatemalan Tax Reform Rebels of Highland Guatemala: The Quiche-Mayas of Momostenango Women, Work, and Poverty in a Guatemalan Town Maya Cultural Activism in Guatemala A History of Protestantism in Guatemala The Life of Our Language: Kaqchikel Maya Maintenance, Shift and Revitalization Economic Beliefs in the Context of Occupational Change.

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The Long Night of White Chickens Sojourners of the Caribbean: Ethnogenesis and Ethnohistory of the Garifuna Gift of the Devil: A History of Guatemala Crossing Borders Crafts in the World Market: The Guatemalan Tragedy The Traditional Pottery of Guatemala Scheville, Margot Blum, and Christopher H. Maya Textiles of Guatemala Guatemalan Indians and the State: Central America's Indians Nation—States and Indians in Latin America Indigenous Movements and Their Critics: Pan-Maya Activism in Guatemala Maya Saints and Souls in a Changing World Guatemala, The Land and the People History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation.

Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space The Spanish imposed a gridiron pattern on communities of all sizes, Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands included a Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands plaza, generally with a public water fountain known as a "pila," around which were situated a Hot women seeking fucking dating xxx sex women church, government offices, and the homes of high-ranking persons.

Food and Economy Food in Daily Life.

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A woman embroidering in Antigua. Social Stratification Classes and Castes. Social Welfare and Change Programs Guatemala has governmental and nongovernmental agencies that promote change in agriculture, taxes, banking, manufacturing, environmental protection, health, education, and human and civil rights.

Marriage, Family, and Kinship Marriage.

Etiquette Etiquette varies considerably according to ethnicity. Medicine and Health Care Although excellent modern medical care is available in the capital city for those who can afford it and even for the indigent, millions of people Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands Adupt rural areas lack adequate health care and health education. The Arts and Humanities Support for the Arts. The State of the Physical and Social Sciences Although the country boasts six universities, none is really comprehensive.

Bibliography Adult wants real sex Atlantic Highlands, Richard N. Men of Maize The Sky in Mayan Literature Harvest of Violence Edinburgh University lecturer E. Thomson's novel, set in a crumbling s hospital, will no doubt set the pulse racing.

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