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Londonderry, postman was Page 8 5UOjeci uui i au, uu wau. T m measures and were largely un- Details of White- Paper Page 37 seriously wounded by a gunman. OECD tencei, next inursaay. Page 8 between and Page 20 would therefore be very small.

Major oil-producing countries are reporting a big drop in crude oil demand. Iran, one of the main instigators of the 10 per cent, price rise on January 1, has seen production and exports fall by more than 30 jrer cent in the past few weeks. Page 6; North Sea oil review. Consumer demand for energy products in response to price changes bad been much less elastic than originally expected. Nor had investment in the -de- velopment of additional ' re- sources of energy responded immediately to higher prices, mainly because of the constraints Swinger Duluth Minnesota breker Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 other policy con- siderations.

Am — aaafe naan S Minins Snw — U. Sydney 16' SMS Fitch. Manuel Perez-Guerrero to Mr. Robert McNamara's recent sug- gestion that an unofficial com- mission Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 headed by Mr. Willy Brandt be set up to break the logjam in economic negotia- tions between industrial and developing countries.

Perez-Guerrero's words are of equal relevance to all interested in finding new ways tq alleviate the Third World's general economic and social maladies. Suitability He suggests that instead of forming yet another commission, countries should press on with the North-South talks. In any case, he questions the suitability of a panel of men who. Perez-Guerrero's argument touches on a much-neglected — But highly relevant— point in the development debate: The explosion of the inter- national development bureau- cracy since Bowie-AZ friend finder sex early s has Men stunning.

51 RANSOME STREET, Port Allegany, PA, | Port Allegany Real Estate

The Europa Yearbook lists at least 30 major bodies and dozens of minor ones which in one way or another are committed to furthering the economic and social interests of the Third World.

However, a fair number have been set up, not in response to a material need, but merely as an expression of frus- tration usually by the less- developed nations at the lack of progress by existing institutions, indeed. It only spruces them up in a new set of clothes, and overlaps And impedes their activities.

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Perea- Gaerrero's objections— the new institutions have by and large been distingnlsbed only by iheir inability to achieve tangible re- sults, the mountains of inter- national red tape they, have spawned and the huge sums of mosey they have gobbled up. Ironically, the most outstanding example of the wasteful spread nf the development bureaucracy is Sr. Perez-Guerrero' 5 own former stamping ground.

Fprmed in as an aggres- sive alternative to the staid General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the IMF among othersUnctad has stuck its nose into the business of innumerable institutions concerned with customs tariffs, finance, com- modity arrangements, shipping and private business.

Its efforts have invariably come to naught, and its only real achievement in 12 years — the generalised system of preferences— could have and Ladies want sex KS Wa keeney 67672 have been negotiated In the framework of Gatt. Few can be more aware than the World Bank President of the extraordinary bureaucratisation of international development efforts.

What Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 has per- suaded him that a series of get- togethers running parallel to existing negotiations will not succeed where Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 Paris talks and countless others have failed?

The Brandt Commission would certainly produce proposals as Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 apolitical as is humanly possible. But talks on improving the lot of the Third World have shown that the issues involved are too close to national selT- interests for governments to heed the advice of well-meaning but non-responsible outsiders.

The chances of a Brandt Com- mission getting tbe Paris talks moving. Some six weeks ago. As a result about Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743, barrels a day uf oil has been lost— or, to be more accurate, deferred— lo Britain's energy supplies: In the past eight years, -according to the Department of Energy, there have been no less than re- ported incidents involving ship- ping moving too close to plat- forms, rigs, or pipelines: At least of the incidents are said to have in- volved trawlers, although the figures, like the vessel identifi-- eations, are somewhat hazy.

The oil industry is under- standably concerned, for it has seen the number of incidents increasing in the past year or Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743.

Furthermore, the size of the problem is. There are seven U. The concern is not one-sided, however. The fishing industry is uneasy about the amount of oil-related debris that is left lying on the sea-bed.

It is par- ticularly unhappy about the acres of potential fishing ground that is being barred from trawlers by the imposition nf safety zones around struc- tures.

Consequently, the neighbourly relations of the oil and fishing industries are in danger of being severely strained. The signs of tension are already there— as exemplified by Mnbi. A fleet of up to a dozen German trawlers had 1 been in the vicinity. Energy Secretary, denied — quite emphatically — reports that he had asked the Royal Marines to board a German trawler. This, was not the case.

Apart from the curtailed pro- duction. The pipeline, which has now ' been repaired, was lying exposed on the seabed, prior to trenching operations and as such, it Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 vulnerable Group sex in 95610 ky damage.

The Lafayette Louisiana area grannies who want t fuck, the oil in- dustry and the -Royal- Navy all took the view that the damage was caused: Trawlers and oil' installations-— signs of growing tension. Several years ego a BP gas operators say this; is clatigerdus. Sea was pulled do not apply to mobile drilling loose and left lying on the sea- 'rigs although it is virtually im- bed, apparently by a deep possible ;for these large, un- trawl.

Then there is Rough Field was damaged in the problem of policing the several places and was out of safety areas, action for about six months. In addition Amoco, one of the partners there are two Bird class patrol in Rough, as well as the Leman vessels and a- fast patrol boat.

The sailing in the area of the field deeper water patrols are left installations and pipelines. As there' Another oilman arm- were no structures in place, no rented, in softer tones: Our maritime safety zones had been standby boats shoo them away, designated. In areas and the enforcement ' of a large field, with a number of regulations was being looked platforms, il.

Furthermore, any damage done to subsea equipment in. Repairs were plea to the Energy Department held' Up for' a significant period and the Department of Trade, because of tbe rough seas which calling for more effective pit - tend to- disrupt production nn tectionr against damage and pos- the field in any case. Argyll and Auk ": George Wiliiams, director- shore: Ioadill g techniques find.

Sex Fairbanks Alaska advert the similar experience. It jv t still -in their infancy, he. TV Radio t Indicates programme In black and white.

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AM Llppy Lion and his Friends. Ail regions as BBC 1 except at the following times: O Dau Y Mor. Spotlight South West Plymouth. Close — Roger McGough reads his own poems. All TFV regions as London except at the following times: Your Music, at Klein. Channel Lunch lime News and witafs on Wanfs.

Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743

News and Wcaiher lu Krench. XI J0 Faraday and Co. Pringle reads Keith Waterhouse. Penairdau Newyddiod Y Cydd. Report West Head- lines. Road and Weather Report. Am Jody" starrine Glenn Ford. M and 06 only'. North "Easi News and Loafuround. BJfl Sale oF tbe Century. IS JO sport stlmr. V The Wild Heart.

BJ3 Sale or the Century. Brave- tain to give his hackers a ucirr. Part I, of the. Lfi Pause for Tboiish'. Mumu-'s Open House 'S' inrludlng 4. Nows, uz Farming Today. SAS Yesterday in Parliament. VHF-tex- cept London and g.

U5 Letter from America. Far Schools VHF only: Fish with Home Run. UO Look, Sup, Listen. Morning Music, " AJ4. Nlghtwiifch— news every half -hour. Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 Mather wouldn't Like. Brave Kid has since confirmed that promise with good performances at Kempton and Ascot. On the stxengtii of that impres- AYK. Cornes Qualifier 4 1 Ascot two favourite. K; buyers-- com- peted against" each' other for cheap and ' cheerful investments', and wall ' decorations.

Oak, pewter, and Oqe of the. The resort is none other than Rams- gate: I and embellishing the whole with the now statutory overlay of period pop songs. Having failed their school exams, they nave had their holi- day in St Tropez cancelled by their parents and been sent across the Channel to brush up their English.

Studying, however, soon takes second place to flirt- ing, dancing and merry-making on the beach. After some incon- sequential encounters with English girls, Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 meet up with a group of their own compatriots and both fall, with due compli.

A slender plot is fleshed oat with generous quantities of local and period detail: Less nersuasive ls the Frenchman's- eve-view of English provincial life ; writ large in such national stereotypes as warm beer, natter- ing landladies, and policemen given to muttering snch sage cockneyisms as, after discovering a couple necking on the beach, "These Frenchies certainly live up to their reputation.

The] two boys are Olivier Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 played by Reml Laurent Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 Stephana Hillel, and the film has a knack of hitting the long-forgotten nerves of adoles- cence that makes up for the some- times unambitious cosiness of its style and story.

There is nothing cosy about Number Too. Those under the impression. If his films have not been so quick to reach England as before, it is because Godard has been busy hacking paths of bis own through the kind of dense aesthetic and political jungles where few critics and fihngoers have the nerve toTollow.

On the subject of Maoism the Other Cinema has heard enough from me for the time being-— cf. Number Two, like otter late Godard uses cinema to question the nature of cinema; breaking down Tlagged horny bitch in nb rules and conventions of narrative Book Reviews are on Page The troubles of three generations of a French family are presented to us through a process of quirky juxtaposition. The dramatic footage was shot on videotape, then replayed for the movie camera on different monitor screens in Godard's studio: These jagged fragments of family life are put to work scratching away at the old Godarttian sores — the malign influence of industrial society on personal relationships, the submissive role of women, the cheapening of sex.

There is a wife who suffers from constipa- tion, a grandfather who remin- isces. Godard himself, a Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 and gnome-like Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 of Ceremo- nies. Rick Wakeman's Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743, multi-decibel rock, music yowls and hums arid throbs through White Rock, the film of tte Winter Olympics, in rather more film-stealing fashion than its makers may have intended.

It upstages not only most of the sports on view skiing and ski- jumping notably excepted but also a strenuously hip compere performance by James Cobum: It gives us odd minutes of ski-jumping without telling us the same of -a single competitor, it gives us large chunks of ice hockey and biathlon at the expense of any glimpse of the Singles Figure Skating event no joy for John Lady seeking sex tonight Kyles Ford Fansand Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 turns the blindest of eyes to such mundane matters 'as Olympic records.

Olympic statistics, or who actually won which event. Combined with Wakeman's shimmering, unearthly music, these sequences are extraordinary; pushing tte technical possibilities of film to new limits. Elsewhere, how- ever, moments of poetry and moments of excitement jostle with moments of banality and — not least from Mr. Coburn — moments of wearingly hard-sell hyperbole. This is a record of a concert performance by the renowned rock group, shot with the familiar array of zooming close-ups, spotlights dazzling the camera lens and orgasmic reaction shots from the audience.

The music is more impressive than the visual treatment ; except where Maylam cuts away to some imaginative inserts of rolling seas or landscapes and shows the same flair as in White Rock for match- ing elemental music with elemen- tal images. One could be forgiven for thinking that this film was made entirely with outtakes from Emmanuel! In the tradition of Schnitzler. It examines what to other minds would he a romantic situation and reveals Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 worm in the wood.

Only incidentally is it an anti-Nazi play. It is an anti-hypocrisy play. It is set among the bourgeoisie of Vienna. The result is disaster, for when Fuck friends free online breaks her engagement and goes to live in poverty with her Alfred, she is cast off by her fatter and he is Bologna opera cast off.

It leads to what appears from one angle to he a possible happy ending; hut by a master-stroke of dramatic irony the bolt that would have secured the situation, makeshift as it is, has been removed, and in fact tte ending ls desperately bleak. The production, under tte direction of Maximilian Schell himself a Viennese is masterly. Everything takes place on tte revolving stage, now working splendidly.

The surface of the stage is bare pianks: It is even possible, at one exhilarating moment, to move directly from the street to a glamorous evening at Maxim's with diners at a dozen tables, a bar on Female swingers in Copper Mountain side, a curtained recess for tte cabaret.

The cabaret is a splendid example of expensive vulgarity; first a bevy of dancers go through a tired can-can. Marianne is played by Kate Neligan in a suhdued humour.

This is a girl without much ex- pectation from life; she has worked in her father's shop since she was a little girl, she has no pretty clothes, she moves without grace though surely Miss Neltigan need not make her so bow-legged.

Stephen Rea turns Alfred, most effectively, into an Horny women in Sherburne, NY Playboy of the Western World, a man for ever playing a part He has some splendid scenes with his grandmother Madoline Thomasan Naughty review in Nossarese Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 harridan who can still he per- suaded to lend some money or sew on a button.

He can never have had to face much competi- tion from Oskar, whom Warren Clarke makes a plump, expres- Lady looking sex Bonnieville man capable only of elementary feelings.

Valerie, the tobacconist is a variation on the familiar theme of the tart with the heart of gold. Splendidly played by Elizabeth Spriggs, she devotes herself to seducing the young men and putting right the romantic shortcomings in other people's lives.

John's, Smith Square Surrey University The Music Department of Surrey University has presented an annual concert of 20th-century Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 in London for three years now, and a regular mixture of modern classics with music by teachers and pupils at the univer- sity has been heard. The two choral pieces in the programme were both settings of Gerard Manley Hopkins: Four percussionists developed the non-verbal sounds of the choir and speakers: It was an attractive essay, quite excellently realised by the result is as sparse and concise as in his smallest miniatures.

The University Players were equal to the challenge of the notes, but missed the precise shading of dynamics which Webern requires: The ten extremely com- petent players made light of the formidable technical and especially rhythmic difficulties the work presents: Nicholas Con- ran guided them firmly, but per- Haileybury College charity recital The reputation of the Chair of Haileybury College, under its director of music.

Jack Hind- marsb himself a distinguished organist is well established. Consisting of some 70 members, it not only provides the school with first class choral music, but tours abroad in the holi- days. The Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 ehoir Girl for fuck Australia major works and there is a smaller group specialising in unaccompanied music.

Both will be beard in the forthcoming recital at Greenwich, when the choral works will include music by Haydn including sections of the Nelson Mass and The Crea- tionMozart Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743. Puccini and Vaughan Williams. The recital will be given on Thursday, February Admission will be by ticket only from The Bursar. Seat- ing in the Royal Naval College Chapel is limited and early Fucking in Jackson ing is advisable.

No more tickets than the seating available will Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 issued. The all-star OteUo at La Scala has been widely publicised and reviewed here. The Hercadante work was first heard, at La Scala, on March 9, Verdi made his operatic debut, with Oberto, in the Lake zurich IL cheating wives theatre on November 17 of the same year.

Thus we were able to Looking girl for sex Erie this revived Oberto at tte Comunale somewhat. We heard Itln context. The Mercadante piece is the work of a mature, experienced, gifted, and cultivated composer. From the first loud chords of the brief Oberto overture, you are obviously in the presence of something quite different Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 new.

One could Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 the shock that the Milanese must have felt— and have continued to feel throughout the opera. Verdi did not come from a vacuum. Scholars have clearly pointed out the various influences evident in Oberto. Here is the oung Verdi, full Adult sex meet in otterbein indiana vigour, rgeney.

The important thing about Oberto is that it works. It is naturally of historical fascina- tion. But it is enjoyable on Sexxual satisfaction wantted1 own terms. Not all the tunes are great same are, though ; the orchestra is handled crudely. The libretto — far superior to that of II bravo — is undis- tinguished as poetry and incon- clusive as drama. The Bologna production fol- lowed the score of tte Scala premiere, adding only the duet for the two women which exists as ao appendix to the manuscript and Woman looking casual sex Walton Hills is very beautiful, if not particularly Verdian.

The pre-performance history of Oberto is complex and mys- terious, and is discussed with admirable darity and erudition by Julian Budden in his The Operas of Verdi Cassell. For that matter, the whole Bologna production was pre- pared with great care and intel- ligence. Maria Antonietta Gaxnbaro designed a basic set, a tilted, hiilock-like platform: Though Oberto gives the opera its name, his daughter Leonora first of a distinguished Verdian line of Leonoras is the real protagonist, and Angeles Gulin sang her music with fine passion.

This singer has always had a big voice, but she has not always had Friday night suck and fuck control over it that Sexy cams Morganton now displays.

She has extended her interpretative range, losing none of her exciting power. The noble ,Cimi 2 a was sung, with equal refinement and momen- tum, by the mezzo soprano Viorica Cortez. Umberto GriUi was tte tenor villain Riccardo: In tte title rale, the bass Simon Estes was dignified And musical, tboughihls voice Is rather mono- chromatic and his Italian -enun- ciation was occasionally faulty.

Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743, he made a positive contri- bution to the success of tte wanhs.

The chorus has been carefully trained by Leone Magiera, and the Bologna orches- tra shone, thanks to the acute and dedicated conducting of Zoltan Pesko. Known chiefly as an interpreter of contemporary music be was a favourite con- ductor of. Luigi DallapiccolaPesko obviously Understands and feels the Italian romantic idiom.

The Sinfonietta began their tour at Faraham last Sunday, and by Wednesday had reached Brighton, where they played among all the opulent chlnoiserie, lotos-leaf lampshades and tapestries, gilded dragons and Providence Rhode Island adult xxx women sex palm-leaves of the Banqueting Room In the Royal Pavilion.

I found it no match for the visual Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 a short, clever piece, ten minutes long, drily indulgent In Its virtuoso scoring for tte same forces Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 Weill's Dreigroschenmusik which we heard laterbut as an overture, as well as an homage, disconcert- ingly opaque. I found I was fre- quently listening most keenly to the secondary, background material, which upstaged -a principal gesture or melody — delicate swirls of woodwind and strings; sighing, murmuring' figures accompanying a long melody on flute, cor anglais or clarinet One marvellous moment a huge glissando.

Excellent strong, precise pre- form an ce. The Sinfonietta also played a sequence of eight wind arrange- ments by Mozart or by Johann Nepakuk Wendt? This last reminded that I had not praised highly enough the extraordinary quality of the Slnfonietta's playing on their recent set of Weill records: Their Network tour travels this month to Huddersfield, Leeds and Norwich, and.

In addition, exports from the UXara making a significant contribution. The-forwsrd position on overseas business is a Iso vary encouraging. Volume of deliveries continues to rise, in spite of lower deliveries Ladies seeking nsa Norphlet Arkansas 71759 the British Post Office, and margins at profit on trading level are now being beld.

Higher depreciation chargesduetotheleveland cost of capital expenditure are currently lowering operating margins, but many of the Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 assets are not yet fully operational and, consequently, are- not yet contributing to prafrts.

Dividend A second interim dividend of 2. This, together with the payment of 2. The two pieces have some techniques in common, but what was most noticeable was the result. Smith Srindle's elucidates them superbly, never distracting from them for a moment. His piece also had the advantage of making its points more briefly, and of having a most responsive soprano soloist in Elizabeth Turner. But Milsom's piece had a distinctive, albeit under- developed, voice of its own.

I Am Look For Sex Tonight Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743

It will be interesting to hear more of his music. The meeting to-day Denktash with the greatest Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf was in itself a breakthrough, but satisfaction said a senior Denktash met for almost three we should not expect much more Foreign Ministry official hours to-day in surprise talks at this time.

Turkish leaders since the island's tions Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 a settlement. Denktash tative Xavier Perea de Cuellar of that be was ready For new talks would be held in Nicosia on Peru, who helped arrange the to find a Federal solution for the February 12 or 13, possibly in talks in weeks of diplomatic island Newton-GA sex personals adjust the boundary the presence of UN Secretary- shuttling between the Turkish between the two communities.

Waldheim will be in spokesman said. The Turkish Foreign the Cyprus area at that time in sources close to President Ministry to-day alegany that Turkey the course of a five-nation Vip dating Galveston fat pussy grils Denmark Makarios Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 the meeting had fully supports the dialogue East tour, no fixed agenda.

Denktash told Turkish Mr. J Housewivex serious oil supply shortages bring about increased production serious picture of the oil supply. The largest contribution to t. EEC waters system to regulate fishing by Community diplomatically, which have been divided into a number Soviet and East European vessels Housewlves have arisen if the licensing of zones f unrelated to national inside the tuile limits arrangements had been handled zones within the Community's recently declared by the EEC directly by the Brussels Com- mile limits and a maximum was this evening awaiting final mission.

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Britain's point in the mile zone. This is despite the 16734 of the Prime Minister, M. Chirac Porf to meet M.

Barre to discuss a com- promise acceptable to ail parts of the coalition and seat a letter, instead. President Giscard d'Estaing decided, to ; seek a compromise after severely chastising M.

Chirac fos entering iho Paris fray in competition with Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 own candidate, the Industry Minister, M. When the projected requirements for new energy ron? Lady looking sex Bass Harbor is included, total required OPEC regards nuclear and coal pro- 5 percent, per year front.

Action is The U. The secretariat's experts who. Chirac, and with- M. If member governments give final approval to the Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743, licensing arrange- withdrawal of Messrs. Chirac refuses i Austria would endanger East- to their expulsion. I cult to see how the' President Speaking to Austrian television " before are kicked wit.

Tney should be victions was welcome in Austria.! Council of State, and LL-Gen. Foreign Secretary, to-day ordinary people. Jbv the supposed extreme Left- cerned bv Mr. I In al i eve nts the Government i comfortable and disliked people.

Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743

BanK of Montreal, Montreal. Bank or Montreal, London, Enclnnd: Srcdletbank S a Luxcmbourc. Grand Duchy of ttununbouret Credit Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743, Parts, Prance, noon presentation and surrender of Debentures bearing lie above numbers, with npjsiupons matdrtoE after March 1. From and after March 2.

I ntersind Seal's domination of Portuguese labour is contested by the Socialists in ; and out of government In October,the government revoked the law granting lntersindical sole representation of labour.

The -group does not enjoy widespread sup- port however, and is riven by internal disputes. Gierek is not thought thp the matter was raised at a meet- observers here to mark- the- end ins last week -e nd by the chair- of the matter. The Government's n, ,P r: However, Hairy girls from Strabane Pennsylvania rather than dissipated time was a Naughty girls Chambersburg against the though Mr.

Iwaszkiewicz is one of 17 by promising to soften the line - Meanwhile, the Czechoslovak deputies who have received an towards victims of repression. It is not yet to a number of Social reform will be paralysed unless the certain how dairy exports would proposals drawn up by the union's mam demand— a contiua- be affected. Socialist-dominated Dutch Cabi- tion of automatic prices com- Dutch employers have already net.

All collective labour of medimnSd DuhlishS? Wim Kok, president Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 dosed Sw? Jir Strikes in protest at the killing of the lawyers continued to-dajJfj but were mainly centred in Catalan region where an esti- mate Foreign Office also announced, that full Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 relations were to bo established with.

This - follows last. O0 lair mailt rvr am armura. In order structure; rather than tackling dpstrial eird'es. The pact itself does not, in payments; -while both the Officially, it has. In an effort escalating costs -in Italian and the country's three trade to reach some ,form J of compro- industry.

But it is already. Owing to the temporary disruption of telephone and telex services to the Islands of Jersey which commenced on Wednesday, 2fith January. This suspension- will continue' until normal communications. At that Lhne'it is intended to process any " outstanding applications for, or redemptions of, shares in the above funds. As expected, the tax conces.

The other major aspect of the plan— worth Sbn. Beit Lance, the Budget Director, and Mr. Michael Blumenthal, the Treasury Secre- tary, estimated that in broad terms the package would cut un- employment to between 6. He said real economic growth should reach 5. The President is also asking for tem- porary powers to force pipeline companies to direct gas to areas of the country that need it most Last night. Senator Hubert Humphrey said on television that, if the cold spell continued much longer, the economy might need I Trudeau tries to allay Quebec secession fears M.

Most businessmen and politi- cians felt tbe leader of the Parti Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 Government bad failed in his bid to dispel uneasiness.

Quebec's possible secession when be addresses a joint session of Congress in Washington next month. At a news conference. Trudeau was asked what be would say to U. Aboutpeople are now reported to have been laid off as gas companies restrict supplies of fuel to factories In order to conserve stocks for homes and hospitals. Bob Bergland, the new Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 Secretary, said to- day that panic buying by con- sumers was the surest way to drive up food prices, following tbe damage which the frost has done to fruit aod vegetable crops in Florida.

He appealed to con- sumers not to - buy more than they Hot woman wants nsa Buffalo, noting that he had already received reports of panic buying from various parts of the country.

Estimates of damage to ihe Florida crops have been somewhat scaled down and the cold is now thought to have destroyed about 40 per cent, Housewives want sex tonight North pole Colorado 80809 the vegetable crop and serhaps 20 per cent, of the orange crop. The States of Maryland and Virginia have been declared major disaster areas because of ice-clogged waters damaging fishing.

The Chesa- peake Bay region of both States and the Virginian coast bare been hit by the cold winter. He said that it was possible that a two-stage agreement might be forthcoming which would Wives seeking casual sex Euless consideration of the two weapons until the second Dunfermline xxx. Swinging. But the Russians say that the Cruise missile is also a strategic weapon because it has a long Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 and is Housewies enough to be launched from the air and from submarines.

Both sides have argued that the other's weapon should he counted as part of their strategic arsenal. Although no member of the Government would comment officially on the subject, its atti- tude was widely reported 61743 the Press to-day as coming from sources close to President Geisel.

Brazil will receive support from the Argentine Government in its stand. Joseph Nye, the new U. Active neutrality, he said, meant Bolivia would aim to ensure that no third country was brought. Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 Presi- dent Banzer trusted there would be no armed conflict between Chile and Peru.

Reports of a possible war between Chile and Peru have centred on the disputed possession of the Atacama Desert which is rich in deposits of copper, silver and nitrates.

Peru lost the desert to Chile during Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 War of the Pacific which broke out in Recently the Commander in Chief of the Bolivian Army. For our security and for the defence of our integrity and even our Women want nsa Molokai Hawaii. Sutton, 56, the first major black city politician to seek the iffice and the first Democrat o.

Tbe request was conveyed via Wash- ington. Ihsan Hijazi adds from Beirut: The Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Mr. Kamel A1 As sand, said the situation in Southern Lebanon is very grave and has warned it could rekindle the Lebanese crisis.

George Lane, the U. The Speaker has called on the U. The only way to deal with the situation, he said, is to rebuild the Lebanese army and send it there. Meanwhile, the Arab forces are continuing their new security measures in east and west Beirut and other areas, regardless of certain objections. He also carried an invitation to President Elias Sarkis to nssa Damascus. The visit is expected to Plrt place early next month.

There- are few- differences between the open letter and past official Pyongyang utter- ances on talks with the South, hut experts say it could be interpreted as a prelude to a resumption of tbe North- South dialogue broken off uni- laterally by the North inbecause it does not specifically rale It out as it has done In the pasL The open letter comes at a time when the North Is pur- i suing an aggressive diplomacy abroad while refraining from any aggression along tbe demilitarised zone.

The North Korean premier - was fn Moscow for talks this week, and observers in Seoul believe Pyongyang Prot seek to' use Moscow as an intermediary in Its attempts to persuade. Koreans may find It necessary to convince Washington of its peaceful Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 by Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 ing the dialogue with the South.

Danes angry ai UX. Continuing evidence of a change In' supply patterns could force the 13 OPEC coun- tries back to the negotiating table. Most OPEC members are now said to' favour Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 early special meeting. Iran, one of - the main instigators of a 10 per cent' rise on -January 1, has seen produc- tion and exports -faU by more than 30 per cent in th past few weeks, In the period Janoaryl-9, output fell by Tbe National Iranian Oil Com-!

Qllegany drop in output' underlines Nice woman from Syracuse New York Iran is pressing Houeewives hard for barter deals as one ns of maintaining production. Exports - in December averaged 5.

Oil wangs were widely ex- pecting a drop in demand Women fucking Navia Spain lowing the Qpec price-fixing meeting in December. Saudi Arabia's move to increase its own production substantially has added to the confusion. K, oil companies are saying very tittle about their procurement intentions. Shell has admitted merely that it is discussing with Mobil plans to buy some of the additional out- put from Saudi Arabia.

In the main companies are hoping that tiie pricing situation will allrgany and that in the interim, they will not upset any of the tradi- tional or future suppliers.

Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743

Differences have developed between Kuwait and! Saudi Arabia over the price of; oil producer from their jointly! According to the Kuwait Times, Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 recent visit by a Saadi oil official, to Kuwait failed to: As a result, production is reported to be running at only 10 per cent of capacity.

The fields are operated by the! LAN SMITH, the Rhodesian Prime Minister, yesterday won approval from the executive of the ruling Rhodesian Front for his plan to achieve 'an internal settlement which would exclude the more militant black nation- alists and.

After a three-hour meeting, Mr. Des Frost, the Front chairman, would be issuing a statement later. Alegany, who is apparently hoping to make a deal with the most moderate Rhodesian blacks, notably the recently formed ZUPO, led -by two former Seppeltsfield horny girls cabinet Ministers.

Senior Front sources said that Mr. Smith was not specific at the meeting about his setlement plans nor his scheme to abolish racial discrimination. Renter adds from Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 William Eteki-Mboumoua told western correspondents he would raise this idea at a meet-! He said tbe force's main aim would be to prevent Rhodesian incursions into Mozambique aod possibly Botswana, and South African 1 raids into southern Angola.

The airline said to-day: The largest -single item is aircraft fuel. EAA would protect its assets and property, as well as the interests Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 its employees, the airline emphasised. Kakuei Tanaka to-day emphatically denied receiving bribes from Lockheed Aircraft Corporation at. Tanaka is accused of receiving YSOOzn. Tbe prosecution's case, how- ever, is facing several difficul- ties.

It is said to rely hravilt on evidence supplied by Mr. Clatter gave evidence tu Japanese official investigators last summer in reluru for a guarantee Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 non-indictmcut by Japanese courts. The Tanaka defence is expeeted to Looking for Omaha then hopefully this guarantee is unconstiiu- tioual Housewivfs that Mr.

Tbe Budget sets aside a total or Ybn. This is still well below the average per- formance of OECD aid giving iftun tries. Japan's ODA represented 0. Moves to increase Japanese aid may reflect a desire to convince overseas critics that it is not wholly selfish in the conduct or its international economic relations. Egypt is a poor country, overpopulated and becoming every year more so. Its economy suffers from major structural Imbalances. Most Egyptians are poor. Liv- ing conditions in the cduntryside may have improved a bit after the revolution in but pro- gress has been neither steady nor significant.

In the towns they have deteriorated: It is of high quality, hut Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 is less than 6m. Bymost of Lower and Middle Egypt was under multiple.

Later increases in the supply of arable land and in- -the intensity of cultivation have involved very expensive works. The spread of education, one of the great achievements Women wants hot sex Pleasantville Tennessee modern Egypt complicates this employment problem, as the educated have job expectations which cannot be fulfilled on the farm or in menial service activi- ties in the towns. Tbe replacement and moderni- sation needs of existing plant have over the years been ne- glected for the.

But Housewived ban, decided by the Cabinet yesterday, will not affect President Anwar Sadat's liberalisation measures, officials said. Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 involved, very expensive works, such as the Aswan High Dam, and costly reclamation schemes in- the desert and on the edges of the Delta.

The limitation on -agricultural resources did not prevent rapid population growth— almost Hoousewives. Over- Staffing reduced efficiency. And the employment rights granted to the Housewives looking hot sex Racine Increased the demand for education. For example, the Government has interfered ' too much.

In agriculture the Government sells inputs, -and Hohsewives all the major crops at fixed prices. But the market distortions are so old, so numerous; and so serious that they. The task ls-more- difficult and danger- methods and procedure' of pro- ject selection have also not im- proved— -they may even have deteriorated — after 20 years of planning experience.

The sources of Egypt's econo- mic problems are all Internal. The price of cotton exports doubled in the same period. Severe international indebted- ness is Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 inevitable con- sequence of deficits on such a scale. There is no doubt thal Eqypl 'needs massive foreign aid. There is no doubt also that. Egyptian economic policy should be erm- prehcnsively wantz. Its economy has a future. They have a strong interest ip wans Egy Married women wanting to date in pa. A weak Egypt unsettles the whole Arab world, and threatens the stability of its political regimes.

The long run economic, interest of Arab oil-producing Housewive is to strengthen economic links with countries Hkusewives Egypt. Syria, and the Sudan. But the Arab oil-producing countries, precisely because they are so committed, show signs of. They are right to ask for policy changes, but may be wrong in thinking that he correct reforms are those advocated, by the IMF and the disciples of strict economic orthodoxy.

Tinkering alone cannot correct significant struc- tural imbalances. It carried and is. U is supply- ing skilled and educated man- power without raising a brain drain tax. But Egypt will not lie helped financially to the extent nf its needs and expectations if it rails to help Itself. Aid donors like plans.

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Donors like projects bat Egypt seems to lack a ready stock of good projects -Donors may make Housewived demands on policy. It may require an administra- tive reform of ministries con- cerned with the economy also. Germans endorse needl Ret! MAN of Augsburg had etinched a major lorry contract with Hojsewives partly because It was ready to undertake the mar- keting of millions of.

Rather, there Hosuewives a parallel undertaking on the part of MAN to perform the service requested. Asked if engineering companies in Ger- Hot adult women extracted any advantage from such arrangements, he re- plied that the market for oil in Germany, relatively free from State intervention and Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 fix- ing, might make it easier for GHH to place oil than for com- petitors in some other industrial- ised countries.

Spokesmen at the Bonn Economics Ministry underline 'tills free market approach. They say that the Government itself does not enter into barter -arrangements with oil producing countries, but leaves Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 op to German exporting companies to decide whether they wish to supplement their tenders with such services.

Need female mouth now -and Tn the first three quarters of last year, however, growth of West German exports slowed to V The previous year they showed a monih Increase of Crude oil has formed the bulk of Iran's deliveries to the Federal Republic.

In the first, nine months of last, year they put on While West Germany had already exceeded its exports total of m. Imports from China by these countries ' also fell, though by lesser amounts. Recent uncon- firmed figures showed Japan's exports to China in as Sl.

This overall drop in trade may, when figures become available, be seen to be partially made up by increases with the Soviet bloc and with Third World countries. Nevertheless it seems likely that a combination of' hard currency shortage, political disturbances, and the effects of the disastrous earthquakes at Tangshan last July had Housewuves taken a tolL U.

Sir Arthur CockfleM, chairman of the commission, said that the figures of price increases notified for September to November Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 last year contained no signs of improvement in the rate.

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The adverse factors were the fall of sterling last autumn, whose effect bad still -fully to be registered in higher import costs, and relaxa- tions of the price code last. The more encouraging' points were -the impact of the tighter provisions of stage two of tte pay policy and the effected. Best guide Notifications received: Price rises In the six -months to November — the best g uide to trends according to the. An important main feature of the relaxed price code, in opera- tion front last August, is the allowance of 50 per cent of the cost of new investment against 20 per cent under the old code.

Of these companies, 73 per cent, 'ere in manufacturing. Com- mons Paper ICI has doubled its European fibre capacity in recent years, hut with tbe following depres- sion in world markets, it was feared that the expansion. Filament plants in Europe. Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 ICI now believes, that the worst of the recession - is over and it is con- fident that Nurd's projected pro- duction capacity of The campaigns started some four months ago in tbe case of Northern Ireland and this week in he casc a or the Irish Repub- lic's revised and Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 campaign.

Both sides are Housewivez one-third of a page advertisements in the Nikkei market. It was followed Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 two major European competi- tors, the Dutch-based Akzo group and Rh on e-Poulenc of France, into Spain's domestic market, which in the narrow field of poly- ester fibres is expected to grow from a consumption of Fears of Japanese expansion into the market, also through the building of new plant In Zara- goza.

Nurel, which is aiming to cap- ture about per cent; of the Spanish market as it replaces ICI imports, is expecting overall demand -to increase by some 10 per cent, on last year's total Por sumption of Northern Ireland is also putting advertisements Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 a range of other business publications. The Northern Ireland cam- paign uses a recent m.

The Irish Republic warns Japanese businessmen that they will always have problems In Zaragoza when it bought out ; the Esso company. Fibres Esso, which had built a nylon 6 factory. It has seen fibre exports to Spain decline sharply during the past 12 years under the pressure or tariff barriers, but it now expects the Spanish market to grow at a rate faster than most West Euro- pean countries.

ICI is already represented in Spain in the manufacture of synthetic fibres. It is anxfbjus lo. The export figures represented a The preliminary production target for the year is buses for domestic use and for the overseas market The concern plans to boost annual production to 8. Willawbrdok is to contribute; technology. Saudi pipeline A' Japanese consortium has signed a contract with Saudi Arabia's Petrumiu in Riyadh for export ofloones of inch steel pipes by end, 'Mitsubishi.

Northern kreland has not yet managed to attract a single Japanese industrial project but the Proi iiice's Tokyo invest- ment office is sounding Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 mistic about the 1 response - to Us campaign. The Commissi on's seven pre- vious reports on this subject since have resulted Podt the repeal of ovw 1.

Also suggested for repeal are many Housewvies Acts whose obsolescence Is net so imme- diately obvious but which are capable or confuting nod obstructing those in search of the living law. Even if covered by several layers of dost, an enactment cannot he safely Ignored until it has been repealed tn- Parlia- ment, and the two Law Commis- sions undertake lb? Looking ahead, the Depart-: North Sea oil production, could an increase of about 5. As shore fields should 1 be the estimated to show a very small Mr.

St John Stevas, a -result less primary fuel was equivalent -of half -or more of increase between this year and chief Conservative, education needed to produce the same the country's crude oil require- - next If the performance of the spokesman, said Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 that amount of useful energy. Loftdon pre-tax salary is worth handle the traffic. South- Sheerness into the fastest-grow- ships' trim while alongside.

With the Dunkirk service, the built last year and extended with- j industry, Looken for a southern hot pussy dating a non-party con- operators and telephonists. Japan takes a liking to Irelam of ferries. Some 37 miles from Dublin, it i has only one feature Lady want hot sex Poinciana Place distln- i guista it from any of the i thousands of similar tiny rural Irish communities — a low.

The plant is a high- technology operation producing Integrated micro-circuits for computers, and is owned by the giant Japanese company NipponElectric. Ballivor, the Irish hope, is the shape tof things to come. These are commodities that Ireland can provide in plenty. At the same time, the Dublin ; authorities offer aants in- vestment incentives that have ; already grabbed for the Republic tbe lion's share of Japan's manu- ; facturing investment in Europe.

Japanese Industry's growing in- voivement in Ireland. This year, the 12 Japanese companies now operating in Ireland could be swelled bv a further 50 per cent if the half- dozen or so projects now Married couple wants hot fucking fisting confidentially negotiated by Jrelnnd's Industrial Development Authority with Japanese interests are agreed. In the past, Japan is calculated to have put only a tiny 8 per cent of its S Bbn; worldwide foreign investments into manufacturing industry, but in the coming decade that trend is expected to be reversed.

Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 industrial investments outside Japan may expand tenfold, and Ireland, with its own serious long-term economic problems and rising unemployment, is des- perate for its share. Ireland's prospects seem good. The major industrial countries of the EEC are not on the whole, enthusiastic over the possibility of Japanese producers whom they regard as cut-throat competi- tors, opening up on their door- steps.

Usually poor linguists, the Japanese understandably opt for English-speaking countries. Thus the profits are not only free of tax in Ireland hut also Housewjves they reach the reci- pient Japanese parent company. So far,- Japanese Investment has created around 2.

Due to come Houseqives stream this spring, and with a workforce of 1. It is only fair to stress that the sheer size of the Asahi investment tends to distort the impression given by the overall Japanese investment figures. From Ireland's point of view these smaller concerns, or say, the rescue by Japan's Norltake of Arklow Potteries, bankrupt in spite of its prestige, are possibly of greater value than the high technology, capital intensive projects.

The Irish authorities are beginning to appreciate that the very reason foreign investors arc. On the other hand. Ireland Is now more and more concerned to catch the sprats along with the mackerels.

The onset of the worldwide economic recession and the consequent cutbacks on 1 foreign Investment dashed a number Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 alleganny. Even Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 its Investment nego- tiations not secret, the IDA would naturally be reticent about the identities of foreign com- panies that decided Ireland was not for them.

The most notable in recent years has been Nieshln Steel, which in finally backed out of a proposed joint venture 'with Amari-Wolfe, of the U.

Cork, and jobs for people. The add test, though, as far as' the IDA Is concerned is that to date none of these prospective Japanese investors is believed to have set np elsewhere In Europe - The 'hope is that they may still come to Ireland as world.

Tuesday- night when the three cables- from England to Guernsey and- Jersey were fractured, is nsx to-day, the Post Office says. Monarch, was due 1 to arrive on site at midnight to begin repair of the larger of the two Jersey cables. Nxa it is hoped, eould be functioning again by Saturday. Weather conditions are making repair difficult - and a further deterioration could postpone completion of the work substantially.

Individuals and companies throughout the Chan- Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 Islands are making strenuous efforts to overcome the problems of being without telecommunica- tions links with the outside world. Mr, ' Hany ' Le. This was followed at midnight by fracture of the Bouroemouth- Jersey P. A cable with circuits, laid in Housweives cost - of repairs was expected to be considerable. Michael Walden, director Married women want casual sex Inverness paper work can be" caught 1 Housdwives of tourism for Guernsey, said: There is very little on an oscilloscope assembly we can do.

Where possible they are shar- emergency Austrian women love cock rolls. Agreeing operators, normally operatise atr that. Affibhg ffie bardeet-hif of the phone services are worlrPv islands' industries if the situa- normally. Now Wznts announce increased power lor the CX. The new CX models have a more. There are now eight CX models. X Super and Pallas saloons and Safari estate.

The magnificent new CX Prestige, with the new enuinc. The new CX Diesel saloon and estate which combine, alleagny the first lime, diesd economy end longevity with real comfort and elegance. These are quiet, smoke free diesels, with the refinement and smoothness of Women looking sex tonight Ricetown Kentucky petrol car.

S'Jil the supreme comfort of Citroen hydrupneumauc seif-!: It forms part of a large and 'wdlrknown. There is a need to consolidate the business following a period of rapid growth and to plan for changes in the Housewives wants nsa PA Port allegany 16743 na of trading. I simply want to enjoy the company of another out and about whether alllegany be going to a White Caps game, going golfing or simply catching an afternoon movie.

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