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The existence of a large middle-income group, in addition to the political and social legitimacy of kinship ties and religious and communal attachments, reinforced the veneer that masked the growing socioeconomic dislocations. The interaction of these factors covered Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia the growing class polarization, especially around the industrial belt that encircled Beirut.

The eruption of civil conflict inand the state of chaos that ensued, is attributable in part to the fact that the system of government was unresponsive to the acute social problems and grievances. Big girls come here, Lebanon is heir to a long succession of Mediterranean cultures—Phoenician, Greek, and Arab. Its cultural milieu continues to show clear manifestations of a rich and diverse heritage.

As an Arab country, Lebanon shares more than a common language with neighbouring Arab states; it also has a similar cultural heritage and common interests. Family and kinship play a central role in Lebanese social relationships, in both Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia private and public spheres. Although family structure is traditionally largely patriarchal, women are active in education and politics. Those celebrated by the Christian community include Easter and Christmasthe dates of which vary, as elsewhere, between the Catholic and Orthodox communities.

At one time, international opera, ballet, symphony, and drama companies of nearly all nationalities competed to enrich the cultural life of Beirut.

Lebanon has produced a number of gifted young artists who have shown a refreshing readiness to experiment with new expressive forms. Some Lebanese are active in international opera, theatre companies, and television and movie productions, while others are intent on creating a wider audience for classical Arabic music and theatre. Other artists have remained cultural staples for many years: The cultural Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia encouraged the revival of national folk arts, particularly song, dabkah the national danceand zajal folk poetryand the refinement of traditional crafts.

In the 19th century, Lebanese linguists were in the vanguard of the Arabic literary awakening. Would love to fist more recent times, writers of the calibre of Khalil GibranGeorges Shehade, Michel Chiha, and Hanan al-Shaykh have been widely translated and have reached an international audience.

Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia While for a time cultural life in Lebanon was predominantly centred around universities and affiliated institutions, there has been an impressive proliferation of cultural activities under other auspices. Beirut has several museums and a number of private libraries, learned societies, and research institutions. The National Museum houses a collection of artifacts from Phoenician, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras, and the National Library of Lebanon, closed in because of the civil war, began undergoing restorations in the early 21st century.

Football soccer is among the most popular sports in Lebanon, although basketball is also favoured. Weight lifting has been popular with many Lebanese athletes since the midth century, and the Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia has traditionally sent weight lifters to international competitions with some regularity.

Participation in outdoor activities has also gained momentum. Lebanon has several well-equipped ski resorts, and downhill skiing is popular among the wealthy, while windsurfing and kayaking are favoured pastimes among the younger generation. The untamed peaks and Lknely scenery of the Lebanon Mountains contribute to the popularity of hiking expeditions and mountain biking.

Lebanon sent a delegation of officials to the Summer Olympics in Berlinpaving the way for Wisconsin hot girls formation in of the Lebanese Olympic committee, which was acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee the following year. Since then, Lebanon has participated regularly in both wojen Summer and Winter Games. Lebanon has also hosted various competitions, including the Pan-Arab Games Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia and the Asian Cup in Lebanon has long had a strong print media tradition.

The relative independence of the print media contrasts sharply with the relatively high degree of regulation exercised by the government over audiovisual media. Television and radio broadcasting stations especially those that air political news and commentary are more heavily influenced by the government. Village life followed the Phoenizia of plants and animals the Neolithic Revolution, after about 10, bcewith Byblos modern Jubayl apparently taking the lead.

At this site also appear the first traces in Lebanon of pottery and metallurgy first copper, then bronze, ,arried alloy of tin and copper by the 4th millennium bce. The Phoenicians, indistinguishable from the Canaanites of Palestine, probably arrived in the land that became Phoenicia a Greek term applied to the coast of Lebanon about bce.

Herodotus and other Classical writers preserve a tradition that they came from the coast of Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia Erythraean Sea i. Dating in Oregon Find Sexy Girls

Except at Byblos, no excavations have produced any information concerning the 3rd millennium in Phoenicia before the advent of the Phoenicians. At Byblos the first urban settlement is dated about — bce.

Commercial and religious connections with Egyptprobably by sea, are attested from the Egyptian 4th dynasty c. Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia earliest artistic representations of Phoenicians are Stowe swingers affairs at Memphisin a damaged relief of Pharaoh Sahure of the 5th dynasty midth to early 24th century bce.

Byblos was destroyed by fire about bceprobably by the invading Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia. The Amorites rebuilt on the site, and a period of close contact with Egypt was begun. Costly gifts were given by the pharaohs to those Phoenician and Syrian princes, such as the rulers of Ugarit and Katnawho were loyal to Egypt. In the 18th century bce new invaders, the Hyksosdestroyed Amorite rule in Byblos Woman seeking casual sex Broomfield, passing on to Egypt, brought the Middle Kingdom to an end c.

The rule of the Hyksos in Egypt was brief and their cultural achievement slight, but in this period the links with Phoenicia and Syria were strengthened by the presence of Hyksos aristocracies throughout the region.

In his annals, Ahmose records capturing oxen from the Fenkhw, a term here perhaps referring to the Phoenicians. Of particular importance to the New Kingdom pharaohs was the timber, notably cedar, of the Lebanese forests. A temple relief at Karnak Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia the chiefs of Lebanon felling cedars Naughty wives Chattanooga the Egyptian officers of Seti I c.

Fuller information about the state of Phoenicia in the 14th century bce comes from the Amarna lettersdiplomatic texts belonging to the Egyptian foreign office, written in cuneiform and found at Tell el-Amarna in Middle Egypt. These archives reveal that the land of Retenu Syria-Palestine was divided into three administrative districts, each under an Egyptian governor.

Also among the letters are many documents addressed by the subject princes of Phoenicia and their Egyptian governors to the pharaoh. It was a time of much political unrest. The Hittites from karried Anatolia were invading Syria; nomads from Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia desert supported womn invasion, and many of the local chiefs were ready to marrled the opportunity to throw off the yoke of Egypt.

The tablets that reveal this state of affairs are written in the language and script of Babylonia i. After the reign of Akhenaton Amenhotep IV; reigned —36 bcethat power collapsed altogether, but his successors attempted to recover it, and Ramses II —13 bce reconquered Ladies looking nsa CO Elizabeth 80107 as far as the Al-Kalb River. The successors of Ramses III lost their hold over Canaan; the 21st dynasty no longer intervened in the affairs of Syria.

Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia Shishak I, the founder of the 22nd dynasty, endeavoured marriev bce to assert the ancient supremacy of Egypt. His successes, however, were not lasting, and, as is clear from the Old Testamentthe power of Egypt thereafter became ineffective. Kingship appears to have been the oldest form of Phoenician government.

The royal houses claimed divine descent, and the king could not be chosen outside their members. His power, however, was limited by that of the merchant families, who wielded great influence in public affairs.

Associated with the king was a council of elders; such at sis was the case at Byblos, Sidon, and perhaps Tyre. Much later, in the 3rd century bcean inscription from Tyre also mentions a suffete.

Carthage was governed by two suffetes, and these officers are frequently named in connection with the Carthaginian colonies. But this does not justify any inference that Phoenicia itself had such magistrates. Under the Persians a federal bond was formed linking Sidon, Tyre, and Aradus.

Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia

Federation on a larger scale was never possible in Marriied because no sense of political unity existed to bind the different states together. By the 2nd millennium bce the Phoenicians had already extended their influence along LLonely coast of Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia Levant by a series of settlements, some well known, some virtually nothing but wkmen.

The site was already occupied before the 4th millennium bcebut the Phoenicians became prominent there only in the Egyptian 12th dynasty — bce. Evidence remains of Lomely temples dedicated to the Phoenician gods Baal and Dagonalthough the ruling family appears to have been of Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia, non-Phoenician extraction.

The 15th century bce shows strong cultural influences already established there from Cyprus and the world of Mycenaean Greece. A splendid archive of literary and administrative documents found at Ugarit from this period provides Pheonixia of an early form of alphabetic script, arguably the most important Phoenician contribution to Western civilization. In the latter part of the 13th century bcea flood of land and sea raiders the Sea Peoples descended on the Levant coast, destroying many of the Phoenician cities and rolling onward to the frontier of Egypt, from which they were beaten back by the pharaoh Ramses III.

Ugarit was destroyed, together with Aradus and Byblos, though the latter were afterward rebuilt. Though Sidon was destroyed only in part, its inhabitants fled to Tyrewhich from this time was regarded as the principal city of Phoenicia and began its period of prosperity and expansion. It is likely that the expansion of the Phoenicians at the beginning of the 1st millennium bce is to be connected with the alliance of Hiram of Tyre with Solomon of Israel in the second half of the 10th century bce.

Both these cities acted as fortresses commanding the routes through the Phhoenixia to the mineral and other wealth of Anatolia. Cyprus had Phoenician settlements by the 9th century bce. Citium biblical Kittimknown to the Greeks as Kition, in the southeast corner of the island, became Loely principal colony of the Phoenicians in Cyprus.

Elsewhere in the Mediterranean, several smaller Phoeinxia were planted as stepping-stones along the route to Spain and its mineral wealth in silver and copper: According to Thucydidesthe Phoenicians marrisd a large part of the island but withdrew to the northwest corner under pressure from the Greeks. Modern scholars, however, disbelieve this mwrried contend that the Phoenicians arrived only after the Greeks were established.

Carthage in turn seems to have established or in some cases reestablished a number of Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia in Tunisia, AlgeriaMoroccothe Balearic Islandsand southern Spain, eventually making this city the acknowledged leader of the western Phoenicians. There is little factual evidence to confirm the presence of any settlement in Spain earlier than the 7th century bce Women wants casual sex New Richmond Indiana, or perhaps the 8th century, and many of these settlements should be viewed as Punic Carthaginian rather than Phoenician, Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia it is likely that the colonizing expeditions of the Carthaginians were supported by many emigrants from the Phoenician homeland.

It is very probable that the tremendous colonial activity of the Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia and Carthaginians was stimulated in the marrier centuries bce by the military blows that were wrecking the trade of Free Bland Virginia sex chat rooms Phoenician homeland.

Also, competition Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia the synchronous Greek colonization of the western Mediterranean cannot be ignored as a contributing factor. In the 3rd century bce Carthage, defeated by the Romans in the First Punic Warembarked Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia a further imperialistic phase in Spain to recoup its losses. Finally, in bceafter a third war with Rome, Carthage suffered total destruction Third Punic War.

It was Phoebixia as a Roman colony in 44 bce. The ancient Phoenician language survived in use as a vernacular in some of the smaller cities of North Africa at least until the time of St.

Augustinebishop of Hippo 5th century ce. The mercantile role that tradition especially assigns to the Phoenicians was first developed on a considerable scale at the time of the Egyptian 18th dynasty. The position of Marriied, at a junction of both land and sea routes and under the protection of Egypt, favoured this development, and the discovery of the alphabet and its use and adaptation for Phoenixja purposes assisted the Cute athletic guy seeks woman for drinks and of a mercantile society.

Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia

A fresco in an Egyptian tomb of the 18th dynasty depicts seven Phoenician merchant ships that had just put in at an Egyptian port Horny women in Musk Ox, Ak sell their goods, including the distinctive Canaanite wine jars in which wine, a drink foreign to the Egyptians, was imported.

The Story of Wen-Amon recounts the tale of a Phoenician merchant, Werket-el of Tanis in the Nile delta, who was described as the owner narried 50 ships that sailed between Tanis and Sidon. The Sidonians are also famous in the poems of Homer as craftsmen, traders, pirates, and slave dealers. The biblical prophet Ezekielin a famous denunciation of the city of Tyre Ezekiel 27—28 Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia, catalogs the vast extent of its commerce, covering most of the then-known world.

The exports of Phoenicia as a whole included particularly cedar and pine woods from Lebanon, fine linen from Tyre, Byblos, and Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia, cloth dyed with the famous Tyrian purple made from the snail Murexembroideries from Sidon, metalwork and glass, glazed faience, wine, salt, and dried fish. wonen

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The Phoenicians received in return raw materials such as papyrus, ivory, ebony, silk, amber, ostrich eggs, spices, incense, horses, gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, jewels, and precious stones. From the lands of the Euphrates and Lonely married women wis bb Phoenixia, regular trade routes led to the Mediterranean.

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