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Unless otherwise specified, all figures identified are in a clockwise fashion. All new additions Noonan ND wife swapping bold Blue. I only ever note the first three people to point out something, otherwise these notes would be twice as long as they already are.

Noonan ND wife swapping

I'd like to recommend that, after reading my annotations, you go take a look at the annotations done on the Noonan ND wife swapping Ones ' site Part One ; Part Two ; Part Three.

Sapping hooded figure is Oliver Haddowho appeared in W.

Haddo was based on Aleister Crowley, whom Maugham disliked, and The Magician is about an occult attempt to create life. As seen in Black Dossier and Century: In the world Hot dude here looking for more League there was no Crowleythere was Oliver Haddo.

The blond-haired man is H. This also reflects the last page of Centurywhere we see a seagull flying away with an eyeball in its mouth, which is reflected by this image. The New Statesman is a satire of the right-wing Conservative government. And there are numerous parallels to the band The Rolling Stones in this book. This is the s version of the statue of Britannia which appeared in previous Noonan ND wife swapping books.

Britannia is a personification of the British Empire. In previous books Noonan ND wife swapping appeared on the incomplete Channel Causeway bridge near the white cliffs of Dover seen in the backgroundbut she was in classical garb.

This beingBritannia wears a considerably Noonan ND wife swapping colorful and revealing outfit. The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical was the original rock musical, making its debut off-Broadway in Octoberand it was a cause of much controversy at the time.

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It was generally habituated by artists and other creative types, and eccentrics in general. The statue of Christopher Robin, Winnie-the-Pooh as Noonam was called before Disney Noonan ND wife swapping his hyphensand Piglet dancing is probably based on the drawing from Now We are Six Methuen, London,where it accompanies the last poem in the book, called The End.

Annotations to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III Chapter Two,

The house we are seeing is Cotchford Noonan ND wife swapping Brasilia hot wives HartfieldEast Sussex. AA Milne, creator of Winnie-the-Pooh, bought the house inand died there on the 31st of Januaryaged He was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool.

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To go with Noonan ND wife swapping, they later produced a tiger tail you could attach to or hang out of your petrol cap, and sold a remarkable 2. The car, which was produced in three series between andbecame an iconic image of the "swinging sixties" and was much favoured by pop stars at that time.

Adam Vandergriff writes, "On the first panel of we see Christopher Robbins as well as Pooh and Piglet in front of the Noonan ND wife swapping in statue-form. The subsequent panel features the "Tiger in a Tank" tail hanging out of the car's gas can.

I love swappinf reference but did not notice in your annotations what may be so obvious it wasn't Memphis sex dating In the novels it is always won by Dwapping see Page 4, Panel 2, belowbut obviously Fotherington -Thomas won it at least once.

Yeah, I think so. Perhaps, as Birmingham is not terribly far from Northampton, Moore was aware of this. Custards and the child of wealthy parents. Martin Crookall writes, "A clarification on Andy May. Grabber, in the Molesworth books, is always referred to as 'Grabber ma'.

I always Noonan ND wife swapping that as an abreviation of 'Grabber major', meaning that the Head Boy was the older of two brothers at St Cuthberts. This usage appears in the contemporaneous Anthony Buckeridge series of Jennings books. Admittedly, Nigel Molesworth's younger brother is known as Molesworth 2. But either way, the surname of Andy May swapoing comes from that usage. See Page 9, Panel 3 below. I believe his name was Mr Therm and that he advertised for the then equivalent of British Gas plc, the company providing gas to homes for the purpose of cooking, heating etc.

The trophy was found just seven days later wrapped in newspaper at the bottom of a suburban garden hedge Noonan ND wife swapping Upper Norwood, South London, by a dog named Pickles.

Part of Theosophy is the idea that Tibetan Noonnan masters are passing on their wisdom to ordinary humanity. Lou Mougin writes, "When Basil drowns, it's possibly a ref to the theory actually, more like a report in some cases that Seeking asian girl for marriage Jones was drowned in his swimming pool by swa;ping who were remodeling the place, and whom Brian had allegedly insulted.

I will leave any potential relationship between the lyrics of the song and the events of this issue to Noonan ND wife swapping, Dear Reader, to Noonan ND wife swapping.

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Rodger Kibble writes, " the juxtaposition of the title Paint It Black with a full-page image Noonan ND wife swapping the Nautilus, with a Noknan image in the bows, reminded me that in Century: Nail my skull to its forecastle.

The child is given a name in the Housewives wants real sex Micanopy piece in League v2: A grown-up Janni played a major role in Century: Broad Arrow Jack was created by E.

Harcourt Burrage and appeared in the penny dreadful Broad Arrow Jack Antony Keen corrects me: The Noonan ND wife swapping source establishes that young Jack's father is Armand Swa;ping.

Noonan ND wife swapping

Punjab is on the northwest border of India. But Punjabi and Gujarati are different languages from different parts of India. The identity of his father Noonaj not hinted at. Leo Antolini corrects me: Obviously the Channel Causeway, delayed as of in League v1was eventually completed, but such a thing would have posed a great threat to England Noonwn World War Two, so it had to be destroyed.

Sidney Osinga writes, "This is xwapping reference to page of the Black Dossier, which stated that Mina and Allen destroyed it in to prevent it being used to invade England. Obviously Broad Arrow Jack was not the only crew member of the Nautilus to find a wife and have a child. Felix Herzog writes, " Rockville adult chat lines the amulets on Janni's uniform: I know it's not a reference, but I think it's quite noticeable after all.

In panel 7 one can see a more modern, stylized version of the traditional N-Logo. Noonan ND wife swapping Gordon notes, "this is meant to be ironic since two out wlfe three of King Lear's daughters Goneril and Regan betray wie, and he exiles his only loyal daughter Cordeliaand by the end of the play all three of them are dead, so unlike the Nemo family, Lear effectively caused the Naughty lady looking sex Wausau of all of his daughters and ended his family line.

I want to achieve it through not dying. Or was it Agricola? Historically, Noonan ND wife swapping earliest roads built in Britain by the Romans connected London with the ports used Noonan ND wife swapping the invasion.

Tony Keen corrects me: Andrew Whitehurst writes, " Orlando mentions that he, " led the Romans to London having helped Brutus found the city when This is the first of the scenes with numerous passers-by who, presumably, are meant to be recognized as someone.

John Mackenzie, starring Bob Hoskins, where most of the actions begins after the murder of one of Hoskin's Noonan ND wife swapping associates. To be honest the opening of Century reminded me of the opening of Joe McNally says, of Bow-Tie Swappijg, "it's tempting to suggest that the portly gent in the bow-tie may be Billy Bunter out on the town; Noonan ND wife swapping Campion, the actor who played Bunter for many years on British TV, ended up as the manager Noonab Gerry's, Noonan ND wife swapping Soho basement drinking club, albeit a rather Women fuck Cremona upmarket one than the one Carter wifd.

Sanjay Shah writes, "The chap in the bowtie with the overweight lady is Professor Simon Peach from the version of 'The Italian Job' played by Noonab Hill he had a fetish for large women and he starred alongside Noonan ND wife swapping Caine in that - who he's standing next to in that panel as Jack Carter. Hasn't he got his right foot on some kind of orthotic stilt?

So that, in effect, he's Lonely in niederrad man with a serious case of Short Leg Syndrome? Surely that'd ring someone else's bells Knowing Moore's preoccupations, I doubt this is accidental.

Perhaps the doorman immediately behind Blonde Man represents the angel? I sort of doubt it, but they do have the look about them. I'm surprised there's Noonan ND wife swapping a giant porcupine looking for Dinsdale.

Noonan ND wife swapping I Am Wanting Sex Date

Pete James writes, " I think that on page 9, panel 1 the gangster in the blue jacket far right looks like Gerald Fletcher as played by Terence Noonan ND wife swappingJack Carter's London boss. Thanks to everyone for the correction here. In the novel the Vril-ya are a technologically and biologically advanced species of humanoids who live in a subterranean civilization.

It is Barbara Windsor who had a very brief liaison with the man standing next to her, Sid James. With British comedy films in mind, I imagine the seated gentleman with the cigarette holder is Terry Thomas, star Noonan ND wife swapping a number swap;ing films on both sides of the Atlantic through the fifties and sixties.

Presumably Vince is drawn here and elsewhere to resemble Burton. In the film Carter was memorably Noonan ND wife swapping by Michael Cainewho Century: Starks is a gay East End gangster not unlike Ronnie Kray see below.

Flowers is an Noonann London crimelord. Sean Levin writes, "Harry Flowers has muscle magazines strewn about his office, so it's safe to infer that he's gay, and of course the film's most memorable sequence is Chas hallucinating Turner in Harry's place singing the very homoerotic "Memo from Turner".

Notable by their absence in this list are the Kray Beautiful older woman searching sex tonight CO, Noonan ND wife swapping and Ronnie He was also by far the more unbalanced and violent of the Kray Twins. O-or some upstart, like Hogg It wouldn't be done with a straight razor.

It's actually something that goes on in prisons, usually to teach someone a lesson. They get something like a toothbrush, and melt the end, so they can insert two razor blades close together.

Annotations to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III Chapter Two,. a.k.a. Century: by Jess Nevins. Unless otherwise specified, all figures identified are in a clockwise fashion. All new additions in bold Blue.. Just a reminder: I only ever note the first three people to point out something, otherwise these notes would be twice as long as they already are. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The Swinging Paradigm: An Evaluation of the Marital and Sexual Satisfaction of Swingers. by. Edward M. Fernandes. Chapter I: Introduction. Development of Personal Interest in the Topic.

His degraded physical state may be the source of his current degraded employment state. On the other hand, it may be a sign that he is an actual slave to the Looby Loo club. Steve Flanagan adds, "Where he will, of course, shoot a lot of Geordies who have Noonan ND wife swapping his niece in Horny moms west Helena Montana sex trade, retroactively foreshadowed by his interest in the floor show here.

Actually he shoots one guy.