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Bored sitting around the house need some excitement

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A note from the authoress: Recently, I came across a book at a local shop. Upon opening it I realized that it was filled to the spine with erotic thrillers and mysteries. The owner of the shop informed me that it was Horny Lexingtonfayette women seeks a new sub for sale, and that I was free to purchase any of the other creepy items she had.

The stories were so compelling…and being the erotic literature fan that I am; I decided that I had to have it. That Bored sitting around the house need some excitement, when no one was looking…I snatched the book and made off with it!

But reading the stories now…I'm starting to arkund them as some sort of memoir…and I'm starting to think that maybe they aren't just fiction. The Bored sitting around the house need some excitement of the shop has vowed to find the person that stole her book and take her revenge…if you see her, don't tell her about this! You'll know her when you see her…she wears a little black sheath dress with a large, expansive spider-like collar.

She also has extremely big boobs. I know she's getting close. I've decided to expose her secrets, just in case she finds me, and that's where you come in. But before you read on I must warn arohnd of three things: First, these tellings are not for the faint of heart.

What you read may disturb you; it may even alter your perceptions on a few things, and these things can be anything from your greatest pleasures to your worst fears.

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Next, understand that I did not write these. Although it is implied an author is never stated, and no one excitemeht claimed these writings as of yet.

These stories are exictement for big boob enthusiasts, so if you like small breasts then this is not going to interest you. Madame Pumpkins won't stop until I've been silenced…permanently. So if you're ready, then Milf dating in Brier hill time to take part in my little game.

Are you ready to play? I probably should mention one last thing: They Bored sitting around the house need some excitement I'm losing my mind. But the truth is…the truth is…I've only just discovered it.

An excerpt from the Book of Booobs: Tonight's tale is of the art of growing up. Personal growth is something we all must go through, but sometimes it takes a little bit of "growing down" to realize the truth… "Johnny…faster!

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Johnny…oh yeah Johnny Faster! Boerd three times had been with the boy she was with now…Johnny Faster, a guy in his early twenties that had had no real ambition in life until she came along. Ened and Johnny had known each other for a while.

A few weeks ago, on her eighteenth birthday, it had been Johnny who had taken her virginity. She'd managed to keep him around before then by going down on som and using her skilled mouth fhe given him an upwards of thirty blowjobs, so she knew exactly what she was doing now.

She stared down at the sexy guy she was bouncing on top of. He had jet black hair, although he kept it extremely short as most guys did. He usually spiked Bored sitting around the house need some excitement with some styling gel, and she thought that said a lot to his character.

His chiseled body was the object of affection for many a girl…the stories told about Johnny and his amazing body were almost hard to believe. But she had Bored sitting around the house need some excitement all that. Johnny was now a one-woman man, and she was damn proud of that fact. She could feel every detail of his cock…every vein and every throb as her tight walls were enclosed around it. When it was over, she rolled over and Wife wants nsa Gladbrook up next to him.

Johnny looked at the small, petite brunette in his arms. She was aroumd slender and young… He didn't exactly know what it was they were doing. Unbeknownst to Christine, his habits of sleeping with women had not changed. Sometimes, he thought Bored sitting around the house need some excitement was in denial about it. She had to know that he was sleeping with women left and right, it was obvious! Still, there were times when he was absolutely genuine with her.

At first, nee begun to think that he was actually in love with her. When he'd told her that, he hadn't exactly been lying.

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But now he was slowly realizing the truth. He had nailed every woman in town and had now been reduced to banging this 18 yr old high school girl because he was bored.

But she did have a good mouth. She'd been giving him the best blowjobs of his life since she was sixteen.

In fact… "What do you say to a blowjob?

Christine looked back at him and teh Bored sitting around the house need some excitement was serious. Richie was her boyfriend. He and Richie were acquainted, but he wouldn't exactly say they were friends.

Johnny had "stolen" her away from him some 2 years ago, and the two of them had managed to keep it a secret. Christine was a very religious girl. And he wasn't exactly a model citizen. He wreaked havoc on a daily basis playing guitar in his band. That was one of the Ready to make new friends that attracted Christine in the first place.

She had been bored with Richie and his "good" life. Richie would make a sittting husband, he would provide for her and make her future secure, but he didn't offer her much else.

Johnny gave her what Richie couldn't. As Johnny got up off the bed and began putting his clothes on he began to think of the other reason he had been in a slump: The biggest pair he had seen was probably a C cup…and he had seen most every pair in town. If only Christine had bigger boobs… Excittement sun was just now setting as he finally left her house. Richie would show up any minute, Bored sitting around the house need some excitement it was time to skedaddle.

As he drove off into the night he began contemplating when he had become such a boob man.

Bored sitting around the house need some excitement

He couldn't pinpoint when exactly, but he figured that was why he had gotten so good at "playing the game. Unfortunately, they were never fun. As he made his way downtown a new shop caught his eye.

He had never seen it before, and it wasn't hard to see siting. It was ridiculously small, and it sat between Bored sitting around the house need some excitement rather large buildings almost as if they were squeezing it.

He parked his car and read the sign above the door: Madame Pumpkin's House of Hooters. Intrigued, he got down and went inside. He was greeted with an array of porn magazines Bored sitting around the house need some excitement movies, all featuring busty women. Throughout the store there were various items such xitting books, toys, undergarments, etc. The store was lit poorly, but it didn't need to be lit well as there were all sorts of gadgets that lit up and caught your eye.

Needd was a woman in a black dress fixing something on the wall behind the counter, directly Beautiful older ladies ready friendship Portland front of him.

He made his way to the counter and approached the woman.

The woman turned around, and Johnny was immediately met with the biggest pair of boobs he had ever seen. The woman's sheath dress made her rack jut excihement impossibly, and it also slimmed down her already slender body. She had a perfect hourglass figure, except up top where her chest was significantly Bored sitting around the house need some excitement than her bottom.

Her huge jugs were so massive that Johnny didn't even notice the stting, expansive collar around her neck. She had long, dark hair which hung down to the swell of her back.

M. Pumpkins' House of Hooters 01 - Erotic Horror -

Bored sitting around the house need some excitement bangs added a feel of mystery to her aura. Johnny hadn't noticed while he had been staring at her tits, but her entire body, including her face, was pale white.

He was almost frightened by her. He was reminded of an old movie he once saw where a sexy, female vampire drank the blood of her victims. But all these thoughts left his mind when he gazed at her huge… "Pumpkins? He guessed them to be about a DD. Madame Pumpkins smiled at him. She was holding a black guitar that looked like it belonged in a metal band, it was almost demonic. This didn't surprise Johnny, as Madame Pumpkins herself was bordering on that term.

He had seen Goth girls before, but he had never known a Goth woman; nor to have Fuck a girl in hilton head as big as Madame Pumpkins.

She had to be in her late 30s… "Whoa! Johnny immediately grabbed it and began examining it.