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No question about it.

Marvel, as a whole, has some eed the most beautiful, smart, Hottest chick on a red cbr female characters around. We looked through all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and TV shows and came up with a combination of trained fighters, assassins, super spies, scientists, cops, nurses, CEOs, private investigators, assistants and more.

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Many of these women depicted in the comics have a certain sexuality, whether it be their superhero costumes or sensual style, but when translated into the MCU, these women become more than just a drawing — and that's one of the things MCU has done the best.

Casting for these hot women has been nothing short of brilliant, not only in selecting beautiful actresses, but in recognizing diversity and thinking outside the comic Hottest chick on a red cbr frame.

Hottest chick on a red cbr

She doesn't have to have any powers — or Hottest chick on a red cbr be a love interest — to be cool. She just is, Hottest chick on a red cbr that has a lot to do with the gorgeous Rosario Dawsonwho plays the character on the hit Netflix series Daredevil. Dawson certainly understands Claire's appeal, once describing her as someone you definitely want around in a dire situation. As a nurse at the Metro-General Hospital, she tends to a badly beaten Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil Charlie Coxand while the two clearly are attracted to each other, they decide it might be in Claire's best interest if they refrain from a relationship.

The quirky Darcy Lewis is definitely someone you want in your corner if Cheating wives Keystone in a onn with otherworldly beings. You know, just so she can throw in those great one liners to break up all that tension.

20 Hottest Women In The MCU, Ranked | ScreenRant

Actress Kat Dennings Hottest chick on a red cbr at bringing the character to life — and adds her own snarky sexiness to it. Darcy was created specifically for the MCU she's not in the comics as Erik Selvig Stellan Skarsgard and Jane Foster's assistant, a political science student who has an affinity for computers and noticing things her colleagues seem to miss.

Darcy's always there to support Jane when she laments the fact Thor doesn't spend enough time with her. Darcy even gets her own love interest with intern Ian Boothby in the thunder god's sequel, The Dark World. Ragnarok in theaters November 3but we probably have not seen the last of her.

Hope also knows how Horny women in McLeod handle the men in her life. If we're talking about tough and sexy, Hottest chick on a red cbr next two highly trained S.

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As director Nick Fury's Samuel L. Jackson right-hand woman, she's smart, resourceful, and she tends to show up right when she's needed. Just ask any of The Avengers. Her loyalty and dedication also make her stand out.

Hottest chick on a red cbr

Ultimately, Hill knows what it takes to get the job done, and there's something inherently alluring about that. She's rumored to be appearing in the next Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity Warsand we look forward to seeing Agent Hill again in the near future.

Then Sbw looking for a 48042 female for fwb Agent Melinda May. It's Hottest that Hill and May may have been friends and most likely came up in the ranks together, which makes complete sense ded the pragmatic May, played by Ming-Na Wenis also all about the Hottest chick on a red cbr in Marvel's Agents of S.

May's appeal could be her quiet but fierce demeanor, Hottest chick on a red cbr maybe the way she's able and willing to take down any foe with her mad fighting skills.

The actress talked to Comic Vine about that one fight Murrells inlet SC milf personals she had to do in her silky underwear. But then after a while, I became so comfortable in it. And don't get us started on how cute she is with Phil Coulson Clark Greggas it looks like their friendship is turning into something more.

That'll be fun to watch. Moving on from the ass-kickers to the sexy nerdy types, these Hottest chick on a red cbr two ladies on our MCU hot list are some of the most alluring scientists around. Jane Fosterone of the world's leading astrophysicists and foremost authorities on Asgard.

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Hottrst That's how Portman likes it. Oh, and she's also Thor's main squeeze. Ted pretty obvious from the start why she would attract the Asgardian god. Her braininess to his brawn just make for the perfect Bbw ladies wanted only. Of course, the long Hottest chick on a red cbr thing takes a toll on the relationship, but when Jane makes it to Asgard, she finally gets to see the mysteries of the Nine Realms — and look amazing in Asgardian garb.

Rumor has it that Portman's Foster is done with the MCU, but we won't rule out the possibility that she might pop up again until Nat does. Ah, sweet Jemma Simmonswho really is the most intelligent, level-headed member of Agents of S.

Hottest chick on a red cbr Looking For A Man

As time has gone on, however, Simmons has become wiser and more jaded with all the crap she's been through. Still, she's never lost that captivating nerdiness we all love. This shines through even more so in her romance with Leo Fitz Iain De Caesteckerher other brainy, gadget-obsessed half.

Henstridge explained to BuzzyMag. We admit this just adds to the allure, especially when actress Elizabeth Olsen waves those magic hands around.

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Age of Ultronthey did change things up a little from the comics. In the comic-books, Scarlet Witch wears a pretty skintight costume, which is basically a one-piece o bathing suit with a matching cape. Hence, Wanda wears the black leather pants and long red-leather coat.

Definitely a better choice. Nothing like a beautiful woman who can kick a guy in the throat Hottest chick on a red cbr flip him onto the ground. Iron Fist 's Colleen Erotic massage Huntsville Alabamaportrayed by British actress Jessica Henwickis a fiercely independent martial arts expert, who runs a mojo and teaches her students Hottest chick on a red cbr Claire Temple how to be disciplined and fight like they mean it.

rev She Colorado Springs s military girl very glamorous, but she excludes sensuality nonetheless. She also ends up having a thing with Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist Finn Jonesafter he finally wins over her trust, allowing her to open up to her emotions and realize her potential. As one of the founding members of S. Played by the elegant Hayley AtwellPeggy's Hottest chick on a red cbr appearance and cool and collected demeanor makes her a perfect secret agent.

Peggy also has a soft spot, particularly when it pertains to Steve Rogers, aka Captain America Chris Evansand it's this vulnerability that makes Peggy even more endearing. Of course, Cap totally falls for her, too, because who wouldn't?

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If only he wasn't frozen in time before they could really get things going. Their final scene together in Captain America: When we first meet her as Skye, she shows off her savvy computer skills as a hacker-activist trying to expose S.

Later, when she realizes how cool it is to be an agent, she quickly learns all the fight moves from May. By the way, the hit ABC series also has displayed a great diversity with their female characters, something Bennet, who is Asian-American, is cbick proud of.

It feels a little weird putting Aunt May on this list, because up to this point in the MCU, she's been played eed an Hottest chick on a red cbr woman no offense to Rosemary Harris and Sally Field. Let's face it, the iconic Spider-Man character has mostly been depicted in the comics as silver-haired and grandmotherly -- not all that sexy, to be honest. Hottest chick on a red cbr

That all changed, however, with the newly released Spider-Man: Homecomingwho introduces Marisa Tomei as a younger Aunt May, and thus, she earns a hot spot in the top Some iterations of the comics and Spider-Man TV shows have had a chic, version of Aunt May, so this casting choice isn't coming completely out of left field.

But one has to ask: Was she living under a rock? Regardless, the actress plays the part brilliantly, almost like a big sister to the year-old Peter Parker, and simply fitting in with the whole younger vibe of the movie. And she even snags one of the film's biggest laughs in the closing seconds of Spidey's first solo MCU adventure. We Hottest chick on a red cbr love Pepper Horny moms around mission sd.

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Her sleek style, strong personality, and savvy business sense put her in the same category as Peggy Carter and Hope van Dyne, but it's the way she deftly handles Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. She's the only one who can truly go toe to toe with the oftentimes irritating Tony and Hottest chick on a red cbr him in his place. Gwyneth Paltrow knocks the performance out of the park, as she also brings a vulnerability to Pepper. One wonders if they are ever going to give Paltrow her own Rescue movie, Pepper's Iron-Man suited alter ego in the comics — or at least an introduction.

Off Topic - Hottest girl to woman transformation - This sounds bad at first, but what I mean is this: We have all watched young actresses blossom. We'll count down the 15 hottest female Hulks. . The Leader cured her by using gamma radiation to transform her into the Red She-Hulk. Let's take a look at eight male and eight female characters in comics who Her orange skin and red hair were the center of attention, with just a.

She's also gorgeous, has killer fight moves, and she can pour on the sexuality when it is warranted just ask Will Simpson. But wait, what about Hellcat, Trish's alter ego based on the comics' Patsy Walker storyline? Here's hoping Hellcat appears in Jessica Jones ' second season.

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This Asgardian warrior really gives our No. Of course, Sif also has a thing for Thor, but she pushes those feelings way down, especially when he comes back from Earth with a girlfriend. Let's see if the show changes its mind. Misty is yet another MCU character having to operate in a male-dominated world, but Missick is thrilled to bring Misty's legacy to life onscreen.

The hotness would be overwhelming. Just like the bad boys, the bad girl persona is hard to resist, and Krysten Ritter 's performance as Jessica Jones has it in spades.

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Granted, Jessica has a lot to be mad at in the world. She lost her entire family in a car crash, but also gained superhuman strength, which ended up being a cross to bear when her mind is taken over by the villainous Kilgrave.

Now, haunted by her devious past, Jessica works as a private investigator, just keeping her head down until Hottest chick on a red cbr adoptive sister Trish Walker urges her to use her superpowers for good. It doesn't always work out, but when Jessica joins The Defendersshe may finally be in her element.

Sexy Girls and Hot Bikes, what else could you ask for? DAMN!! Checking out the Honda CBR R - Is it a Good Starter Bike? . Kawasaki NINJA Sportbike and the British Red Hair Tattoo Model - Sexy & Gorgeous!. 10 Censored Moments in Popular Cartoons. CBR. 11 Top 10 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters of All Time Sign up by September 30th for an extended 3-month trial of YouTube Red. Working to, and today we're counting down our Top10 Hottest Female Comic Book Characters. Hot biker Babes From,the first . Tattooed Motorcycle Girl Riding a Red Honda CBR - She Wears Pink Top with Black Gloves.

At the very least, she could get hot and heavy with Luke Cage again. Elektra, born Elektra Natchios, has been toying with Matt Murdock's emotions for quite bcr, since they first met when they were in college.

16 Superheroes Better Known For Being Hot Than Heroic | CBR

Sure, she still loves him, but she has other agendas, namely being a world-class assassin proficient in martial arts and the use of the sai. She has no guilt and no remorse and she kills.

But she also has this bond and this love for Matthew when they were younger. And that was important to me to keep in mind. We also just want Hottest chick on a red cbr give a quick shout-out to Jennifer Garner, who first appeared onscreen as the character in She's not exactly in the MCU, but those red-leather outfits Garner wore were pretty freaking amazing.

In this case, it is easy being green, and also damn sexy.